Beauty of H2H System/Boaz Aviram

The beauty of an effective self defense system is not in the expression on the students or instructor’s face. Nor it is in the Ironed Gi or Military pants and a wet T-shirt. It is not in the Dance like perfect performance either, and not in the theatrical staging of depicting a story.

But it is in the efficiency of the time spent, in the techniques, the principles put together in a puzzle and how they fit. It is how the whole human body in unison is being used efficiently to facilitate superiority in speed and reach to the opponent’s pressure points before the opponent reaches your pressure points. 

It is not about developing Olympic skills in all levels and all sports that have related characteristics, like endurance, exploding force, reaction, hand eye coordination, and balance in athletic performance.

It is all specific to the task of controlling your opponent just before he enters your territory or perhaps controlling your territory. The balance you see is not measured by the beauty of the ability to keep in balance, but in a necessity to control your body immediately for your next move.

If you cannot control where exactly your body is going after the execution of your first move, you never know how long it is going to take you to do the next move if needed.

So basically when you are talking about balance, it is the ability not to put yourself in a position where your body will move in a way where you cannot control it when needed.

Sometimes you might have to take a chance if you are limited in time. In a split second you need to jump and stop an action with your whole body if you have no other choice.  You might even sacrifice your balance to save your life. Prioritizing is necessary to save your life.

Generating a lot of force spending an extra valuable second tightening your muscles, or holding air in your lungs, you are spending this time unwisely.

You need to work on maximizing your force that you can fit in the window of opportunity. If you tried to control the opponent as a first priority you would expose yourself to less time being under danger.

Efficient demonstration only, needs to have the defender or hero being a head of the staged game.  Efficient self defense system, has to have a much deeper understanding of the human body and how each part of it starting with your brain’s reaction time move after it.

The equation of the time that it takes to each body part that is involved in the process should foot.

You can throw a ball many times or try to swing a golf club but if you do not understand the way you should be using it, it might take you a very long time of trial and error to do it efficiently.

Fighting or defending against someone that has the intention to kill you is not a simple matter of learning how to play a game. After all it might be the last game you ever play…

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