PKM vs. Fighting Sports / Boaz Aviram

Are Punching and Kicking Fighting Sports training methods helpful to Pure Krav Maga students?  Well the basic Pure Krav Maga Punching and Kicking techniques are carefully thought of to facilitate the most efficient approach with minimal projection while delivering maximum force in motion.  So the answer is no.

The idea about boxing is to throw and hit with punches in any angle of approach possible and any angle permissible on the human body of front and sides.  The back is disallowed perhaps because it is unfair to attack from the back, or perhaps it is assumed that once an opponent turns his back it is a sign of surrender.

The idea is to train to hit as much as possible and to get hit the least. This drives series of training methods that promote top fitness and agility aimed in quick reach and exit out of the hot zone and ability to throw quick jabs and powerful follow up KO’s. Most boxers will spend time to feel their opponent’s strengths and be cautious not to stay too close until they figure out their opponent’s moves.

The jab is a quick most often not as strong punch as the rear hand follow up, but facilitates quick retreat and if it hits any part of the opponent’s body it also facilitate distraction of the opponent which facilitates no reaction to the follow up combinations of more distracting punches to the final KO.

The idea in Krav Maga is to learn how to use the most efficient methods of reach to attack from any angle and their respective defenses.  However, the idea is to prioritize and use those which are most efficient methods. That approach saves the Pure Krav Maga System user the need to be bogged down with too many possibilities in the last critical moment.  

The idea is to learn to identify the opponent’s positioning as he comes close to the critical distance called in boxing hot zone, and to use the most efficient method of striking, kicking, or defenses with tactical maneuver and consideration to finish a possible fight before it started.  This practically means not get hit and hit first in any order and about the same time.

Time of training and experience are major factors in opponent’s ability to prevail in a fight. While Pure Krav Maga attempts to give its students a quick realistic self defense capability in a short amount of time boxing attempts to built athletes to their full potential of hitting but minimizing getting hit with punches only in intensive months and years of training with career experience as well.

Questions that come to mind are who has better skills?  Better Instincts?  Better chances?

Well in Pure Krav Maga students are not going to fight in a ring. If they try they will be disqualified with any other fighting sports rules.  But Pure Krav Maga students get well rounded self defense training that makes them aware of the whole picture quickly.  

While boxers can take their time and get closer and farther and try and attack from a different angle, Pure Krav Maga students learn how to use their legs to block and attack at a greater distance their fists for punching and elbows for the closer range.  

In addition instead of attempting to arm bar, or choke, they learn to use the opponent’s momentum and while escaping from grappling attempts, to smash, crush or tear soft pressure point or even smash the skull to the ground or
tear the spinal cord with neck leverage.

Perhaps the long boxing training makes boxer more peppy and in better shape during a fight, however if we compare between the two examples, we need to be realistic as well.  

Not all boxers are career boxers, and not all Krav Maga students are Pure Krav Maga practitioners and take their training to the highest fitness level.  

The question if they did will boxing training would be good and useful to them?  One thing for sure, it would definitely help them keep fit.  

However considering that in Krav Maga one prepares for the most efficient attack possible from any distance possible with an attempt to immediately inflict more severe injury on the opponent to minimize his chances to inflict severe injury on the defender, each of the boxing drills used in boxing should be reconsidered and modified to include identification of possibilities of most efficient attack in any distance like kicks, punches elbow, and short or long blunt and sharp objects used as weapons. 

The training drills would be far more complex to facilitate good habits and maintain overall self defense capabilities.  The answer in total would be no. 

Pure Krav Maga students cannot use boxing drills to promote Total Self Defense Capabilities, but the magnitude of training should be sufficient to the point that a Pure Krav Maga student can handle a boxer. 

The instructor should ask himself if the student got drilled in enough sparring and is comfortable in controlling all sorts of threat.

What about the grappling sports of Jujitsu Judo and Wrestling?  As was mentioned before the Pure Krav Maga techniques consider the most efficient approach to any possible threat and logically it is much easier and faster to manipulate a soft pressure point directly than try to subdue and restrain the opponent first.  

However as it was aforementioned in respect with boxing, the same would apply to grappling.  An experience grappler would probably be better fit and comfortable in quick maneuvers.  The habit of reliance on a simple less complex limited approach demands greater fitness. 

Will Martial Arts which specifically teach Knife training methods will be helpful to Pure Krav Maga students?  Not really. The reason is that in Pure Krav Maga you learn the most efficient methods of attack and defense.  

However the training methods of martial arts that deal with knife or stick, demand quick use of a knife, or stick, quick drilling of combinations and tend to develop great both hand coordination and great hand eye coordination like in boxing and in the grappling sports for the same reasons of specific use of limited options trying to cover any angle by moving to all direction possible at any time possible.  

But with Pure Krav Maga the tactical approach is about considering the reaction time which is the critical component in the equation of unarmed or armed combat.

The efficiency factor does give a great advantage to Pure Krav Maga students where the general formula is More efficient training time applied to the same training time that someone is training in any other martial art or fighting sports yields better results than less efficient training time applied toward the same amount of time.  Only when it comes to self defense of course. 

Krav Maga does not waste time to built professional boxers, wrestlers etc. Although it could help them to develop some tactical approach when it comes to self defense!

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