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The Pure Krav Maga Element of Surprise goes beyond the initial attack and counter attack, and the element of efficiency does the same. The nature of motion is that lighter objects like hands compared to legs on the ground, can be moved faster. 

Using gravity for energy is much easier and does not take the toll as much on your endurance.  For instance, for front punch use the drop punch as you fall forward.  For a front kick, use a seesaw motion where your torso falls backwards leveraging the kick forward.  For a side kick, use a corkscrew motion, where your throw your shoulders parallel to the floor as you slightly leave the ground and let the shoulders twist your hips to throw your leg in a corkscrew motion into the opponent's abdomen, hip, or knee.

In Pure Krav Maga students get to explore and sense these ideas by a demonstration of a preemptive slap to the face in a close distance (after they are being told to be aware of it and to pay full attention and it is repeatedly done successfully) if they have their arms ready fencing the sides of their heads, they can be slapped on their foreheads since there is just not enough reaction time from the short distance.

This is a Lab setting and the attacks must be efficient. Of course if the attacks are not efficient i.e. done with projections the defender would be able to defend. In pistol defense, using a co2 cartridge, it is demonstrated that large body moves give the attacker enough warning to shoot and if the first split second was not actually used to deflect the barrel you get shot.

I have been demonstrating to students that had hours and years of training experience that circular defense is not efficient enough. 

Evasion usingTaesabaki, or side-step motion should take advantage of the shoulders helping the arms to reach for a block, or with the torso simultaneously moving away from a line of a knife stab out of the way.  You should move for a counter attack immediately after you blocked the attack.  

If you think you can control attack motions with circular deflection, you are not taking into account that your opponent can retract his hand in a linear motion and attack again while your hand is still circling.

The sequential execution is basically a tested formula to which part of the body should move first and which body part should be the following to move. It is sorted out to give maximum efficiency to deliver maximum reaction, maximum force, in minimum time.

Well everyone should know the secrets to trickery and that most defenders are looking for or that they are trained to identify a left or right side attack and wait for you to start so they can use their technique.  Only then a fake can work. But if you are well trained, you really do not care what most people do, but rather what is the fastest move an attacker can execute. 

If you can counter that, then any lesser speed of attacker's reach, will be stopped before he finished his first strike as you will have more time to finish your defense and immediately move into your counter attack.  

Remember you are not fighting actual attacks, but responding to theoretical most efficient moves your attacker could do when he gets into a lunging distance.  

That way your tactics are geared to neutralize his most efficient capacity in its inception. While you are trained to move into your counter attack, if he tries the longer route, your counter will hit him before he finished his first attempt of striking.

You have the option of not putting full force into your initial attack if you are unsure if you want the kill the attacker or not, but only enough for initial distraction.

The element or surprise or what is called in Pure Krav Maga Reaction time, dictates that you take advantage when being attacked by moving forward and never in reverse so you could use the hotzone to your advantage.  

As you move into the hotzone, you deflect any most efficient possible attack before the gap was closed, and take advantage of your opponent's lack of reaction time to counter your counter attack. Put simply, the limits of the human reaction time calls for calling the shots before you are in the hotzone!

For self defense, these elements the aforementioned is a must!  For show biz, whatever floats the viewers' boat!

It is right to assume that the way you train gives you habits to react automatically when you need to resolve a problem.

Some cultures assume you will get in trouble if you cause more harm to someone that tried to harm you so it is not worthwhile to learn how to cause harm. 

Why then we need to backtrack and teach how to kill first and once we gain confidence we teach how to control and restraint instead?  Why do our control and restraint methods include the same striking techniques to hard and soft pressure points but in reduced penetration instead of concentrating on restraining techniques using force and leverage alone?

The answer in one word is efficiency. But the meaning this word takes in this context has many depths in this case.  We want to train someone in the easiest way possible to be aware of all the dangers that another Human Being can intentionally or accidentally be capable of harming another human using his body, and handy objects blunt or edged. Just for this reason alone, we need to be accurate as close as possible to reality to convey it to our students and help them perceive it. 

To train how not to get killed by another in Hand to Hand Fighting scenarios, we need to figure out what are the worst case scenarios possible to overcome with bare hands and create a close to real life training scenarios that will train our students to control them. 

So we need our training partners to have a good knowledge of killing techniques and in fact we need to know them ourselves in order to understand completely how dangerous they are and how careful we should be in our training and in reality.

It is easier to kill or Knock out by a strike or kick with the impact, than it is to execute a restraining technique. Theoretically the efficiency principle says that if we try restraining another person and he is trying to kill us, he would have the advantage of being more efficient. 

Is it possible that we could train to be more efficient in restraining techniques than a person trained in striking and killing techniques? When it comes to individual knowledge almost anything is possible, however,  as a general uniformed comparative analysis, it simply does not make any sense!

If we want to preserve the lives of our dear ones, we should cover up any opening in our system. We want uniformity and ease in training as much as possible. The attacker is trying to find the easiest fastest way to surprise and control us. 

Think of it as if someone wants to use you alive, he would try to keep you alive for a while. But he can control you by restraining, you, making you faint and then tying your hands, or point a pistol at you, put a knife to your throat and control you by fear. 

Most of the times the person that is threatening us is aware of that he is physically more capable to fight than we are. Sometimes people play poker and they pretend they can. Do you want to play poker when the stake is your life?
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