Social Interaction vs. Self Defense Mastery / Boaz Aviram

Most Dojan get the ambiance of a social place for short conversation about the arts…  Although they have the routine of Military style disciplinary drills involving fitness and Martial Art techniques, routine of training drills rigid and free style usually in sparring, you often find some senior engaged in a philosophical lecture about the technical execution of one technique or another.

Well it is human nature, to socialize, window shop, visit a museum, visit places check out what the people are doing etc.

But the question is what do you expect from a Dojo? Social Workout with physical challenge, or a place in which you can get a professional instruction of quick professional Self Defense Mastery?

Does your Dojo remind you a social interaction between a customer and the deli manager? Perhaps it reminds you of a trip to the museum? Maybe a Military Boot Camp? Perhaps you are waiting for the demos where you see students tossed or beaten to the ground dramatically – definitely beats Television.

Perhaps you enjoy the mechanical creation of physical problems using your body and finding the solutions to them… In a fitness gym there are always few people that end up talking to their buddies more than they work out.

This is OK. Coming to the gym could be a lot of fun as well, as long as you do not feel guilty about it and are aware of the consequences.
Do not forget your initial motivation to enlist!
If it is self defense you are looking for, you will need to stretch, warm up, and install some software to your brain that will give you a real time navigation in rough seas involving at least one other body with two arms and two legs trying to control your pressure points.

You will need to program your body to identify,  and provide an appropriate efficient reaction to a threat coupled with counter attack that will eliminate the danger as soon as possible.  You will test your limbs (arms and legs mostly) in the correct sequential execution of strikes and kicks) and you will be versed in pressure points and the affect and  of using them and and effect of having them being used by a potential opponent.

You will learn restraining techniques and principles of other ways to harm another human by means of creating leverage on their bones, cartilage etc, and how to use handy or traditional objects as weapons. You will learn how to preemptively attack, defend, escape and counter attack.

You will go through drills combining all the learnt material, coordinating the fluid use of the software and the hardware in no time.

Remember that you need all of the above, since if you are missing one piece of the puzzle, more software issues, your brain will not function properly and that might shorten your life.

Raise your expectations, and raise your demands. What are you waiting for?
[By the way to those that are unfamiliar with the term Dojo it is a Japanese word to describe a place of Martial Art Training. As far as I am concerned you can call it boot camp or a Gym or a House of Krav Maga (this is however already a registered name)]

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