21 Hour Core Syllabus is Just a Control List/ Boaz Aviram

The Pure Krav Maga syllabus of the objectives covered in the 21 hours is basically a control list for the instructor to ask himself after each hour of training: Did I meet my objectives? 

Did I instill among my student a proficient ability to strike, kick, in most effective and efficient capacity, did I teach them reaction time, pressure points, grappling, use of a knife, stick, and defenses etc... Did I expose the students to enough dots to connect so he gets the right picture and he understands the dangers of being hurt in a fight or betting killed, and did I instill the confidence through knowledge of how he can defend himself, and know how to improve himself.

Although there is a difference from various students in their ability to master the system, it is proven by experience that they get much more out of this intense training than five years spend in any martial art. They might have gotten much more confidence prior to that, much more sparring, and much more grappling etc, however this course is critical because it narrows down their brains to a mode of survival which cannot be tested simply by fitness, sparring or techniques alone. 

Some people call it the conversion course. For some people it is the basic training they get for Hand to hand Survival, and for some people it is the beginning of a path. 

It sets the parameters for your mind and body for Self Defense. If you do not have it, you get varieties of myths, years of acquisition of bad sports training habits(do not get me wrong you get good habits as well but bad from a sense of approach and efficiency that could clearly be the cause why some great athletes had lost their life in a H2H confrontation).

Considering a Hand to Hand Combat or Self Defense Scenario could come by surprise, will take a few split seconds to analyse and could last few seconds to a few split seconds, students need to train and get understanding and proficiency in the fine mechanics of the whole picture to the last detail of each part. 

So you really need to make them aware of where exactly each part of the body that they are moving would be moving, how would it be moving and in which sequence and why so they are certain there is no better way to do it and would not try to do it when they might have time for only have one trial...

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