21 Hours Core Curriculum Elaboration - How Short H2H Can You Get/Boaz Aviram

Twenty One Hour Curriculum – Consisting of what and why:  How short of a self Defense Hand to Hand Fighting Curriculum can you get?

While “not two individuals are alike and no two moments in life are a like either” (Imi Lichtenfeld) the 21 hour Pure Krav Maga Curriculum is just a list of objectives conveyed demonstrated and practiced in fact in 21 hours to give the intensive Instructor Course prospective instructors a tool to vision and control the whole picture of what is Krav Maga, (or in other words: what is the best way to train someone fast how to defend himself or fight in a short amount of time) and demonstrate how to teach it fast. 

At the end of each lesson, or each series of lessons, students need to gain confidence that they have sufficient control in the chapter of training by going through series of technique practice through sequential learning of the technique execution, Kata (blank execution of a technique) and series of application drills (most possible ways of applying the techniques and principles learned in relevant scenarios). In addition they have to spend few hours on unique sparring drills that are designed to train and test students’ abilities to apply what they learned.

In the first lesson, students get a brief introduction to Krav Maga and learn specific warm up for Krav Maga training, Pressure Points and demonstration of various methods pressure points manipulations, and straight hand strikes – How to preemptively use your fist or palm to Knock someone out by surprise, so you can either execute a preemptive attack or use that techniques as a counter attack after you executed a to be learned defensive technique.

The one hour drilling in the sequential execution to promote delivery of maximum speed and weight shift with minimum projection, how to lunge at the opponent by surprise, how to finish the first strike after attempting to get the best results and where to stop and assess the further action needed demonstrated with follow up of a dynamic combinations.

While the original style of fist striking is taken from boxing indeed, boxing is extracted out of it, and instead you learn principles of motion, range generating power and target penetration with bare fists.

Each component of the principles and the technique is stretched to its max and combined in balance to yield the desired result – Maximum Punching and sufficient KO capacity after one hour of training.

The footwork is taught after you learn the striking principles but not before - All in the same one first hour. The idea behind teaching the footwork last, is that if you sense you need to punch someone, you do not want to be bogged down and waste any time to get comfortable first. Just punch him and your feet will follow.  The footwork practice part purpose is only to ensure the convenience of delivering follow up strikes in case you missed the first.  Therefore, you learn and practice the footwork just to perfect the control of maximum range lunging, and at the same time capacity to execute dynamic combinations of strikes.

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