Completion vs. Never ending Lifestyle / Boaz Aviram

Many Instructors and Students alike look at the martial arts as a lifestyle or a life journey for self improvement to perfection. 

Training methods of all sorts, techniques of all sorts were devised by many people blessed with imagination or with its lack thereof.

Fighting fitness is defined as related fitness ability needed by soldiers to execute their tasks. The best able athlete’s scores were declared as top scores, and then analytically it was decided to give lesser scores according to people at various ages.

With various mathematical formula and consideration it was declared what is an average fitness level and what is above average or what is exceptional. Most of the Infantry Physical Fitness training consists of the ability to carry sufficient amount of weaponry, supply, and the ability to move them quickly by foot.

However for a fighter pilot for example fitness is used to maintain more health. Speaking about health, I am sure most security organizations could use a better nutritional menu reducing national foods tradition and concentrating more on health.

It is known that diet could do much more and influence much faster than the fitness training in many cases. So at certain ages people are expected to have enough fitness for their daily function or emergency functions.

At times I wonder if those that never wanted to take any martial art or fighting sports belong to the percentile of the population that have higher survival rates due to the possession of higher awareness to avoid danger, or just trust their natural ability. Every person makes his own priorities of interests.

The issue of safety and freedom is the one of the underlying reasons to have countries, families, and perhaps any other organization.

One of the problems of failures could be either lack of judgment, lack of specific training, and lack of sufficient fitness. When you take a responsibility to teach someone self defense you need to have a sufficient level of accountability.

A commitment to know what kind of safety you can give to your students, what is required from them and how to ensure they will not miss an essential part of the training.

Many times we see that sports Martial Arts and Fighting Sports are more interested in fame and financial gain. A profession is a profession. When you teach sports competitive fighting sports you want your students to win. You train them in all aspects of what you think they should go through to succeed.  The same applies for the Self Defense various systems.

But many times these schools provide a whole menu of services, activities and goals to maintain their existence.
Most business does it too.

Many times business is tempted to change their module of operation to maintain their client base, to get new services, to expand their client base and either prolong existing services or shorten them.

The manipulation of the aforementioned gives them the right profit mix.
What I find in most martial arts systems is the constant contradiction in the organization declared goals, and its end product.

The ingredients are usually the training program which consists of awareness, techniques, fitness, and testing of the results portion. They all have to fit and become the components of the program.

The testing has to be relevant to what they try to achieve. There is no reason that techniques that cannot be executed in sparring should be taught.

There is no reason that second best options should be taught either. There is no reason that to win a competition one must have extra knowledge that he learned out of his school, but then never come back and teach it in his school rather keeping the training methods as traditional.

There is no reason why if someone trains in a long term program he would not complete all aspects of training including applying his techniques learned in the sparring.

There is no reason that successful maneuvers in tournaments would not be studied and taught as a technique. Call it defensive technique or preemptive attack or a combination.

Never call a defense a block. A block is just the positioning of the arm to deflect or impact an attack. If you just teach than your student will be lucky if he ever knows how to apply it.

Just because you had generations of trusted coaches that claimed to instill self defense confidence in their students but circumvented the learning process to maximize profits and prevent competition keeping their “secrets” if they had any, you need to rethink!
Unfortunately many people realize that it is hard to make a change in people’s perception, and they justify their actions as to give the people what they want – keeping them in their “mindset.”
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