Face Shot! / Boaz Aviram

Unfortunately people teach and "learn" techniques they copy or imaginatively "develop" without knowing how to test them. 

The Hollywood famous defense vs. pistol threat to the forehead may look cool. However when it comes to save your life, it is very UNCOOL! If you teach it to save someone else lives it is even MORE UNCOOL.

Ask yourself how and why you have a pistol barrel pointed to your head. Probably because it happened to others from the news! You need to consider where your hands are positioned before your move.

If your arms are positioned to the sides of your body you will never have the time to lift them up and move the barrel without taking the risk of prompting a robber to shoot you in fear you are trying to fight him.

Are you good in Drama, crying and begging for your lives slowly lifting your hands up to a distance you can overcome his reaction time (if you did not irritate him and he shot you?) Do you really have the time to produce Drama? Remember once the pistol barrel is at your forehead your life accelerate to their end…

Are you going to assume he is not shooting you and waiting for you to do something or even act? Things happen fast and every second that passes could jeopardize your life you’re your dear ones.

You really do not want to wait a split second any longer once this barrel is in your forehead. If you were moon walking in your sleep and your arms were already in front of your face, even then the barrel is at your forehead and your hands are at your robber’s elbow which makes it very difficult to control the barrel.

When it comes to Dealing with Pistol Threat barrel is pointed to the head, Pure Krav Maga rule number one is to avoid any inefficient motion that might show your captor your intention to fight. Rule number two would be to move the head away from the barrel first.

Then you want an impact and a controlling slide with the opponent’s arm that will break his planned train of thought and will control the barrel away from your body. It would not work for more than a split second, so you need to counter attack his body (preferably the head) and control the weapon or at least ensure your attacker cannot point the weapon in your direction and execute a shot.

Another consideration, your method of attack will depend on your initial body positioning as it moves away from the barrel. If your balance is in one direction it would be difficult to control the captor’s pistol point tactically in if you use certain techniques. So a careful logical selection of control and attack technique should be devised according to your opponent’s capability to evade your control attempts and re-point the barrel at you.

Reality will vary, but why drill techniques that tested impossible?

In the following scenario the pistol is pointed to the forehead to avoid eye injury, but imagine it was pointed to the face...

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