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Boaz Aviram's Pure Krav Maga Video SetDecember 1, 2011
Who are you currently LEARNING Krav Maga from?  Or, who do you INTEND to learn Krav Maga from?  Just google the name "Krav Maga" and you'll stumble upon countless experts claiming mastery over this martial art. 

And if you are looking at this product, you probably:  
* already know a bit about Krav Maga, or
* want to further improve on your Krav Maga knowledge and skills, or
* planning to expand your already concrete martial arts skills set by supplementing with Krav Maga.  In any case, this DVD set is a must.

Krav Maga, which means "contact fighting" in Hebrew, was created by Imi Lichtenfeld, as the ultimate efficient way of training combat techniques to the Israeli Armed Forces. 

By that, you'd already guess that Krav Maga is actually an offensive martial art but modified into self defense for civilians. And amongst all the martial arts in the world, Krav Maga leans the most towards Martial [Note: the two components of martial arts are function (Martial) and form (Arts). 

As a comparison to Krav Maga being heavily inclined towards Martial, martial arts like Tai Chi lean most towards Arts. Since Krav Maga focuses so highly on function and efficiency, it means Krav Maga can be used to impart the most practical aspects in the shortest time possible - making it one of the most ideal self defense methods]. 

Imi's successor Eli Evikzar passed the Krav Maga legacy directly to one Boaz Aviram. So today, only one expert can truly claim that he was there from the very beginning. Boaz Aviram is without a shadow of doubt the third generation in lineage of true Krav Maga mastery.

Boaz Aviram's DVD set, presents all the original Krav Maga (now coined as Pure Krav Maga) techniques in high quality imagery and sound. Together with Boaz Aviram's female student Kathysue Pohrte, the viewer is presented with each technique, true to the spirit of Krav Maga - honest, straight to the point, efficient. 

Then, the viewer will be rewarded with the historical insights and philosophies of the martial art. The DVD set acts as the complete Krav Maga curriculum and because of that it's a treasure to any Krav Maga beginner, expert practitioner and even master. If you were to compare some other video works by other "masters" or "experts", you probably only get the HOW's after stripping away the unnecessary hype, the distracting costumes and the loud music. 

In Boaz Aviram's work, the viewer will not only get plenty of the HOW's, but also a lot of the WHY's. The techniques are broken down to a series of detailed steps, so that perfect execution of the techniques can be followed through easily and subsequently mastered. 

The important points of each step are explained - like re-positioning, body weight shifting, strength sources and much more are generously shared. In this DVD set, basic principles were always emphasized; a vital element which I believe is missing in many other videos or classes. As the co-star Kathysue learns from Boaz Aviram through the videos, the viewer is provided with a student's perspective - a very important aspect in training martial arts and self defense. 

Following through the DVD's is akin to having Boaz Aviram himself in front of you - the grandmaster's sincere character emanates through as each move is clearly demonstrated though a master and student relationship.

The DVD set is a true window into the world of Krav Maga, a rich culmination of skills and knowledge of three generations of masters (from Imi, to Eli and through Boaz). It's an indispensible learning tool for anyone who is interested in Krav Maga... PURE Krav Maga.

Get the Training Manual:
Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon!

Note: The DVD set is delivered free shipping in the US through amazon.com however it takes about two weeks to get it. If you need it faster or located internationally, order from createspace.com which will deliver it to your door anywhere in the world within less than a week from the day your order.

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