Embellishment of the other Martial Arts coupled with a Unique Imaginative way? / Boaz Aviram

Is Krav Maga a unique martial arts on its own created by Immi or It is a collection of the best tactics from other martial arts like boxing, wrestling, Judo etc?

Well all human learn how to walk and amazingly they walk somewhat similar. Not too many people fight for life with their hands and if they do not too many people realize what they did that was successful.

To find the essence of walking and teach someone that never walked how to walk quickly is what Immi did.

He made the process of learning how to walk more efficient by concentrating on key components that are unique not to all the martial arts but to the successful application of the principles extracted from the techniques and their learning process.

This is the secret potion that Immi used to refer to as applying the other martial arts in an imaginative way…

Although Imrich Lichtenfeld said that nothing is the same, the universal laws are always the same; he indeed had found a solution to all fighting.

You might be weaker one day than another, your might have a good day or a bad day, a better opponent or a weaker opponent, single or multiple opponents.

Techniques are selected scenarios with proposed solution. Since the reality will always be different, the techniques will not work all the times. However if you extract the universal principles and specific principles and use them you will always find a solution.

Immi created a major contribution to Hand to Hand fighting by looking at the essence of fighting…

In history during practicing weapon wars and Hand to Hand Combat, traditionally a theory of surprise element, technical and mechanical (tactical in nature) application of the surprise element entailed practice in roles of attacker and defenders.

While the element of surprise would always be a good contributor to victory the learning nature of Human always caused to learn to predict all the risks possible and at the same time the ability to surprise an opponent in return.

So techniques no longer were a factor in ability to succeed, since they could be countered by other techniques.

Of course someone that covered more options in his training would have a greater likelihood to win. Immi broke it down to a calculated reaction time. The smallest element that is in the capacity of the human brain.

While it was Fairbairn that is known for either realizing it by himself or get advice from his Master or perhaps to be one among few that noticed that and noted it, putting weight on the preemptive concept of the martial arts Immi was the one that took that principle to the next level.

He was teaching how to surprise while you are being surprised. Or when to surprise before it is too late to surprise! The concept of reaction time was much greater than Fairbairn’ s element of surprise.

Immi broke down each motion of striking, kicking, leveraging, grappling into its smallest component to make it more efficient and thus save time that could be applied to the element of surprise, and at the same time save training time, getting better results. His immediate followers in the IDF continued his way.

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