Pure Kickz! / Boaz Aviram

Which Martial Art Kicks does Krav Maga use?

Pure Krav Maga uses Distilled principles of efficiency applied to a fight. Instead of finding similarities of looks find reasoning in every part of it.

Lunging from boxing (foot work modified however to Krav Maga) kicking with seesaw and corkscrew bio mechanics and combinations between the two to use gravity and spring motion adapted to the human body.

Using the ball of the foot or heel to ensure stable ankle in a neutral position during impact even when aiming at soft pressure points(since changes can occur in the last split second).

Block kicks with locked knee timing to ensure complete support by the body and avoid loss of balance with impact at 45 degrees to avoid slippage.

Exact calculated amount of penetration sufficient to a Knock Out (head)or a heart rhythm change( to the chest bone) or create a neurogenic shock(to the groin).

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