Pure Krav Maga Great Masters / Boaz Aviram

Although there are handful of Master Instructors in Pure Krav Maga, a rank that is given for seniority initially and for recognition of continuing teaching Pure Krav Maga or in short to promote those that contribute to promoting students to Instructor level, each person that passed the Instructor course and started to teach has a “potential” to become a great Master of Krav Maga.

The Five day Pure Krav Maga Instructor give its students the ability to train their own bodies and their potential students in a complete short self defense training program which is more sound and reputable than any other.

The logic behind this statement of conclusion is that when students come to this course with no prior knowledge, they love it and immediately gain great confidence and comfortable in confrontations.

At the same time those that have years of other martial arts (and empirically from all martial arts available) most of them immediately recognize the power of this training system as brilliant!

Learning the essence of the foundations which is applied efficiency through correct sequential execution, overall distilled tactical consideration within the constraint of reaction time gives instructors the ability to create other Krav Maga fighters and in this process regurgitate the information and training drills until they are comfortable with their system.

The five day training Pure Krav Maga a way to build schools around the world is a convenient way for all parties to teach the essence of Pure Krav Maga and the foundations for teaching others self defense.

Surely not to ready to athletic competition, or Hollywood persuasive dirty tricks, but simplified balance between awareness of all human fighting capabilities, normal human range of motion, reaction time utilizing pressure points in an easy way to manipulate as needed through tactical consideration in an intense thorough training method.

Immediately you get a pretty good idea of how to fight. Yet it appears that many students with prior Martial Art experience get bogged down with old training habits. But once people realize the power of Pure Krav Maga they will realize their small errors as they learn the intense training methods and improve themselves.

True, some people went already through several Martial Arts rigid training, some never had a fight in their lives, some are quick learners some less, some require a little more physical training, and some a little more mental training and some both.

The Israeli Defense Forces 21 hour curriculum learning was designed to accommodate all these people and at the end of the process give them a good starting point which would be totally different than anything else they ever seen.

Yes you will always find some hard headed people that would not get the whole idea. They surely get something out of it, but if they keep drilling themselves in rigid martial arts without considering the sequential execution habits, tactical implications, considering unlimited human option ( by sports safety rules as opposed to safe designed realistic training drills)they have a great potential to lose the essence of Self Defense. 

Many times they succumb to the “market” which includes marketing techniques for already brainwashed people. In Pure Krav Maga you need to be the Psychologist and the Physical Trainer as well for your clients, perhaps something that Fitness People find it hard to do. Psychologist means not just giving abrupt command to do something…

Not enough training? Perhaps five years of drilling Pure Krav Maga until it oozes out of your nose in a Shaolin Monastry would make invincible fighters that could use some of their free time to master Yoga, and will get their bodies in great shape just from the morning mountain hikes and get some extra strength in their fingers from tearing tree bark.

There are urban construction jobs that give people certain supernatural strength in their fingers.

Lifestyle does have benefits when it comes to fighting. However the Pure Krav Maga course is only contending to train and teach Self Defense with underlying applied logic.

If you were to prepare an athlete to a certain sports match where people do not wear their natural clothes but wear more protection than normal, and if you were limited in usage of available pressure points you would need to rethink and retrain.

If you want to mimic a certain historical soldier or fighter and train in the same methods of fighting that were done centuries ago, then enjoy it. Could be a great escape from reality, could give you great supernatural skills etc. But you never know.

You need to find the logic in what you are doing. This is the only way you will know if what you are doing agrees with what you would like to accomplish.

If you read the book Krav Maga – Use Your Body as a Weapon, I promise you that you will get a pretty good idea of how to apply your logic into self defense.

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