Pure Krav Maga vs. Martial Arts & Fighting Sports/Boaz Aviram

Historically, Non competing Martial Arts and Sports Martial Arts training drills were used as training methods interchangeably by both Sports and Non Sports or Self Defense/Combat seekers.
Of course each one of these distinct groups had put more stress on their specific area of training with desired results: To get a point in a restricted tournament or to eliminate the opponent quickly.

It is the mass of simple and complex ideas that were brought to the table or extracted principles that posed a great confusion to students. Krav Maga principles were tested both in the sports arena and in street fighting.

It is now taught mostly as a non competitive Self Defense Training System. It just happened that a genius mind was able to extract the essence of fighting and prioritize the training drills, principles and application principles and distill them for the Self Defense Purpose.

Not all students are alike and not all instructors are alike, but once you have a system where there is a great similarity between the students and instructors, it starts to make sense. Names of styles and fighting sports only describe rules or non rules of purpose but never are good indicators of a training system.

When Instructors or founders do not have precise requirements of how to convey their training system to future generations, or when names of styles get borrowed or stolen, the training system cease to exists.

If you think about the idea of solving the puzzle of human fighting capabilities, think about the smallest particle, the least amount of time and how to have the most power to change things. Do not think circles, squares or Triangles.

It is not a lesson in geometry but lesson in concepts. It is much more complex and  needed to be broken down to the last component and put back together to a working condition. It is true that athletes have to conform to world wide ratios of achievements like time KO rate and number of fighting experiences, while the time of running under the same conditions (flat and straight track) can be measured universally, humans are much more complex, so fights won with many opponents, just tell you that you were better then them at that time, but not all the time why. 
While Pure Krav Maga is not a fighting sport, it does use select modified drills from fighting sports.  Its great assets as a system was a men that were athletically winners in all ranges of unarmed combat and that also served in a modern army adapting the training methods to anyone that was in a recruiting shape with a broad experience in the principles of Martial Arts but with the open mind of genius that were able to extract the essence and teach it quickly and uniformly.

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