The Gear Box of H2H / Boaz Aviram

The gearbox of Hand to Hand/ Forward and Reverse...

The forces of push and pull, strike and deflect, kick and block choke and pluck gouge and bite, were already explored in martial art history from all angles and all directions.

Moving away or moving forward evasive maneuvers deflective maneuvers were all there in one way or another. They were broken down to simple moves to be honed for years by students and to eventually be built back to the complete training system.

Yet these training systems in fact extracted the lethal elements from them as a training step or a whole addition of set of techniques that were originally designed for one purpose including body arm and leg motion in specific order to get the needed result would be tried out to use against a totally different problem.

Perhaps schools wanted to protect their knowledge until they get paid in full and eventually prolong the training so they are kept getting paid or perhaps there were many other reasons.

Normally military societies started their young children in fitness training and when they turn teen agers they probably were ready to war.

No doubt that the development of a child to adulthood during let’s say from age 8 to 18 has limitation on perception coordination etc, so it would be natural that the training could be achieved more intensively on the adult level but perhaps certain fitness training and discipline training from young age could be ideal to set up good foundations to success.

Immi Lichtenfeld changed his name to Immi Sde Or and started the process of reversing the purpose and purifying the essence of combat out of all of these.

His successors in the Israeli Defense Forces Followed his way in civilian life, except myself Boaz Aviram which although I was persuaded to immerse in the civilian curriculum, I never taught it to my student but always kept the IDF original Training methods because I knew that it works while the other does not!

When I left the IDF Civilian Krav Maga Instructors started to come back and dilute the original Krav Maga. However when he left the military he reversed the process back using the same Israeli Defense Forces name used for Hand to Hand Fighting for his civilian reversed training system.

Although now distilled set of curriculum with only select techniques from a varieties of Martial Arts and Fighting Sports, it still had few other un-distilled techniques that did not meet the criteria to fit all his principles.

Some were just his favorite; some were to give a little more art and flavor, or to demonstrate other non working possibilities and some were still in the process of distillation.

However although mostly distilled curriculum, the training method reverted to the one found in most civilian Martial Arts schools and achieved the purpose mentioned above.

Students that realized that they do not know enough to succeed with their great expectations ended up adding extracted stuff or mixing existing stuff and applying it without considering the specific purpose nor the adherence to all basic principles of reaction time, efficiency and effectiveness.

As Imrich Lichtenfeld said in an interview with People’s Magazine on November 15, 1976, “what I was teaching was a unique combination of Judo, Karate, Aikido, Kungfu and Boxing.

“The essence of Krav Maga is economy of motion coupled with imaginative embellishments on the other martial arts which are too inflexible.”

“Immi’s pupils are taught to limit opponent’s blows to the outsides of their arms and legs while striking at the throat, belly chest and groin.”

“I've developed one knife move says Immi, that no opponent can stop. But I do not want to put it down in print. It is too dangerous.”

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