Use Jujitsu for Self Defense? / Boaz Aviram

Arguments that Krav Maga may not be suitable for civilians since soldiers are trained to kill and use firearms, but civilians could be persecuted by the courts had directed many self defense seekers to practice Jujitsu.

Krav Maga has nothing to do with firearms except defense vs. firearm threat. As for killing it is always subject to local law. It is not that I teach to kill just to kill, but I teach to kill for self defense. If you do not teach how to kill with your hands, you do not become aware of what can be done to you. Then you need to sort out everything and count your options.

If you have a kitchen knife and you are a woman that is about to be raped, you need to think in the worst case scenario, do I want to be raped and live with the memory, or raped and killed after that or do I want to kill and perhaps get hanged or perhaps escape for the rest of my life in certain jurisdictions.

If you do not have that mindset, your chances to defend yourself are completely unrealistic - You are playing with some sort of nowadays competitive sports jujitsu!

If you learn how to control your opponent in the most efficient attacks you are better informed to know you really do not have time to do Jujitsu. The intent alone of a knife stabber is sufficient to kill him as in a split second he can get you killed.

You can make the same argument on a single puncher killer or perhaps a domestic abuser or a group beating that will beat you up to the last breath killing you slowly with hands, kicks, or clubs.

If you lose the element of surprise, you most likely will lose your chance.

When you look at a Jujitsu Master that spent most of his life on the Mat, trying to devise techniques for Hand to Hand fighting, his knowledge and experience in the grappling sport surely will have some few good ideas, but not even close to Pure Krav Maga since Pure Krav Maga deals with all the elements of Hand to Hand Fighting from Inception!

Rumors that Krav Maga does not put enough training on the ground grappling as well...Well if you get to the ground you need to be aware of two things. You learn how to  fall safely on your own even as a preemptive tactic.  That way you are not tossed on your head or on your shoulder breaking bones or getting a concussion, and this gives you the opportunity to continue.  But ask yourself why you did not train well to prevent letting someone from doing that to you first. If you are still conscious when you took a fall, or someone happen to surprise you and sit on top of you and did not hit you as of yet, you can hit one of his pressure points which could be reached in his head and neck or groin and pelvis area.  

You might need to use some leverage prior to that if you sense an immediate discomfort on your neck from a choke, or use leverage to get out of a hold giving you a better reach to strike a pressure point.

There is not much sense of using Jujitsu push and pull forces to try to break out into a different direction and use the momentum to counter with arm bars or headlocks.  You could if you have the strength and the know how, but why not punish someone that decided to use your body as a mattress.

Generally the attitude of Krav Maga about getting to the ground and staying there with an opponent or without is that it is too risky.  You want to finish and move on. Not that it could not happen that you get to the ground...  If it does  and you are declared still functional, you can use the escape and counter principles you have learned and you feel confident  from the grappling games you did just to get the sensation of discomfort prior to the escape and counter.  

The general thought about ground techniques is that they are reserved to women that can decide what they want.  Yes I am joking, but there is no reason you engage in series of push and pull struggle to see who is more proficient in Jujitsu or if you simply don't have sufficient push and pull force, if it is much easier to poke a soft pressure point or tear the windpipe.  There is also a belief that many fighting sports are designed for people that prefer to play in one method or another.  While there are more than one option to control an opponent physically, Pure Krav Maga chooses the most efficient ones, to cover the most safety possible for its students yet maintaining the training method efficient.

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