Immi's Words / Boaz Aviram

"You win a fight by bringing your opponent to foreign terrain!" [Immi Lichtenfeld]

Well this does not mean taking him to the Mountains of Spain… Terrain meaning type of flooring, sand, tile wood pavement, concrete uphill or downhill and shoe type or barefooted, could have a direct affect on your speed of motion.

Of course fighting inside water is different as the water takes away from the impact of strikes and the speed of closing the gap.

But the rest is simple. Your ability to navigate! The ability to navigate meaning the ability to recognize the other’s physical and mental capabilities and limit them so you do not get hurt.

Once your navigation is programmed well you should be able to handle any surprise possible. It is for those that are untrained in all the facets of essence of fighting that surprise will come.

The idea is not to surprise and be surprised but rather to thoroughly understand and walk the tactical methods of all fighting sports and noncompeting martial arts and funnel them out to distilled principles. This is the only way, surprise will never be surprise…

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