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Krav Maga – Use of the Human Body as a Weapon!

For someone that is interested in self defense, common sense and a little history it is not a bad reading at all. Well you need to take responsibility and know why and how and why not and how not to train and know what your limitation are and how to overcome them if you can.

It does have over 1,000 pictures and shows all the techniques in a film strip presentation, but the essence of it is the text which is beyond the instructions of the so called "techniques."

Basically I went through 7 years of Martial Arts in my youth including Judo, Jujitsu, Kyokushin Karate and Aikido and did the 100 men Kumite.

Then I joined the Israeli Defense Forces like the majority of citizens, and after one year of the basic commando training in the infantry I requested to be stationed in the Fighting Fitness Academy and there I was told I can only teach Krav Maga according to their prescribed lesson plans.

I took a one Month course and worked with Eli Avikzar (Immi's Successor in the IDF) for few months. Then he retired and I was the Chief.

During my last few years of service I attended Eli Avikzar’s civilian Krav Maga School and helped him. I went through the civilian belt curriculum and got my black belt and certified coach qualifications. However that only taught me the mechanism of dilution of a great training system.

In the period I was teaching Krav Maga in the IDF Fighting Fitness Academy, the weekends were spent with Immi. Immi became my “New Friend” As Eli Avikzar used to joke.

I spent few hours with him in Café Ugati in Natanya then I was invited to his home for dinner. In the afternoon, many of his past civilian students passed by and joined him for coffee and sometimes lunch in the outdoor pavement of the Caffe!

Anyway in the US I became an accountant and audited hedge funds, few years ago I thought I was dying after few months that 10 doctors could not figure out what I had(tick born disease) and realized that if I die my comprehensive knowledge of Krav Maga will be lost, since I believed it did not exist anywhere else.

So I sat few hours a day for one year with the intention of writing a manual that will argue and persuade to any common person what Krav Maga is, What it is not, How to do it, How not to do it, and why!

You need to look at a training system as a whole, and if you do things become clearer.

Historically people that run martial arts schools had few problems.
1. Getting their training at a reputable source.
2. Taking the responsibility to teach the average civilian how to save his life if needed.
3. Making a living.
So you have conflicting interest in the first interaction between your Instructor’s Instructor and your Instructor. Then you have a conflict of interest within the interaction between your instructor and yourself. That leads to a complete dilution of the system to the point that it is useless.

In addition you have a tendency to engage in a fitness quest that requires constant training and forget about an objective evaluation of what you need to do.

September 11 was the proof!
On the airplane the passengers comprised of citizens of various ages, some with competitive athletic past. Few skinny Terrorists and not is a great shape armed with a small razor took over the mass of passengers…

The book Krav Maga – Use Your Body asody as a Weapon is the essence of Original and True Krav Maga! People around the world read my book and contacted me for training.

Most Infantry men in the Israeli Defense Forces took Commando training. But very few of them actually took the Krav Maga course in the IDF from someone that was trained by Immi or Eli Avikzar. When I left they brought someone from civilian Krav Maga = Wrong Equation!

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