Self Defense and Combat Sports / Boaz Aviram

The ability to see the whole possible combat options of humans and prioritize what takes the minimum amount of time is the only way to have full control of the development of events in a street fight.
It is taught in Pure Krav Maga seminars.

Since sports fights are often won by not by techniques but rather principles and accidentally or willfully by using unknown gaps of knowledge of the whole picture, meaning how the human body will react under what conditions, the paragraph above applies to them as well.

Victory in Self Defense is when you control your opponent and you do whatever you can to stop him from harming you in any way possible. Your best option would be to harm him before he harm you, but you might have to evade his first move not to get hurt and be able to harm you.

Since normally in these scenarios you are alone in-charge of your fate, you need to use your own judgment about the best course of action, and how much force to use.

As a rule of thumb it might be better to use too much than too little force, as it might only be your split chance second to save yourself.

Sports Fighting is a game where you have a referee and rules that dictate your options and judgment that collectively stops your opponent form threatening your life.

Just like in a society where collective rules are devised to protect its citizens, designed to deter the folks from constantly needing to engage in self defense activity. However there are always exceptions to the norm, as we witness in our daily news.

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