A Name for H2H Training System/Boaz Aviram

It is clear that Imrich Lichtenfeld aka Immi, created Krav Maga in the Israel Defense Force.

It is clear that he was not interested in teaching the full course of it in the Civilian Life.

When Immi started to teach first in Tel Aviv and Netanya he advertised for Self Defense Jujitsu and Gymnastics giving himself the title Black Belt which he might have had learning Jujitsu from his father. Remember also that Immi was a boxing wrestling and gymnast champion in his youth.

It is clear that Eli Avikzar who replaced Immi in the IDF as the Chief Krav Maga followed Immi’s way in teaching Krav Maga in civilian life.

Immi however adopted the name Krav Maga to be used civilian life, but not the training system. All his students, civilian students and military students including Eli Avikzar have been using the same name.

After the creator of Krav Maga death, almost anyone that was in the “brotherhood of martial arts” started to use the name Krav Maga.

Eli Avikzar, however changed the name of his system to Krav Magen.  Because he was appointed the head of ranking committee in the first Krav Maga Association, and Imrich then was giving black belts without Eli Avikzar's approvals.

These was the acceptable way of traditional martial arts when a respectful student does not wish to be under the same roof of his instructor and abide by his association, so he creates a different name and changes whatever he pleases without upsetting his instructor who might criticize his way of thinking.

When you change the name, you normally can change the training methods and not upset the founder.

It is also a way to avoid paying association dues and royalties by changing the matter that is taught and of course the name as well.

However, in effect, Immi had taught Eli the principles and essence of fighting. Eli kept developing Immi’s principles and added training methods and techniques built on these principles. Immi gave the skeleton of H2H training System.

I replaced Eli Avikzar in the Israel Defense Force, and had a different conclusion in my mind. The name Krav Maga was an established credit to the most efficient H2H fighting training system I was always looking for.

I might be the type of guy that is not looking for anything, but when I see it I know that this is what I am looking for. I am still looking for something better and cant find it.

So my conclusion was to keep the name Krav Maga as respect to the founder Immi Lichtenfeld, and his student Eli Avikzar, which both had to uphold to the utmost highest criteria of efficiency and quality control as the Israel Defense Force demands. Then what they did in civilian life was a matter of demand and supply.

And I chose to apply the original Israeli Defense Force Krav Maga method in my teaching it. I also tied the loose ends of all the arguments that were floating around simply by settling them with research and logic testing them properly, applying Immi’s principles again.

All I can say that although you have many training systems under the same virtual roof of Krav Maga, I am content and happy, I am using this name, even if I consider some people making a mock out of it by correlating it to ridiculous techniques and training methods that are completely irrelevant to Krav Maga.

I am content and happy because a name is something chosen by a father and not the son. So as a respect to the father I kept it.

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