Backtracking for a H2H Training System

Assume you were put in a cage to fight for your life with your bare hands against someone that is at least strong as you are and both ordered to kill each other. What techniques would you hope to use or think you might use instead of what you are hoping?

Not simple because he will try to do that you you. So in that perhaps one or two seconds that it happens and maybe few more that you check that he is dead and you do not have to do anything again, elaborate on one of few possible scenarios. Perhaps you can write a book with all the possible scenarios of at least from your experience how you would apply it and what you would see as possible obstacles that will change your original plan, but all within a reasonable time as you have an imminent job to finish...

Let me give you a hint! You can choose a combination perhaps? While boxing combination would be for example, hook, straight and uppercut, Pure Krav Maga combination would be based on the tactics of closing the gap with a kick or a rollover or running and kicking continuing with punch and elbow or just an elbow.

If along the way you were surprised you might move into a counter grappling mode using a premeditated fall or roll as you grab one of the soft pressure points ready to gouge, pluck or tear.

Foreseeing what is coming and using a simple cure is what you are trained to do. Then you can keep kicking or elbowing or try to manually break the neck or choke someone to death by limiting oxygen supply or plucking his wind pipe(obstruction) or keep banging his head on the ground or the wall if it is not too soft, unless you were successful in a single death punch etc.

There is truth to the limits of everything, but from a point of view to maximize your limits, the planning part is the type of training you need to that sort of scenario...

There are not many opportunities for fair life and death fight in these days. The only way is to have a logical conclusion, and while you cannot predict the future, you can prepare for it by logically taking steps that you think will help you. If you think nothing can help you, avoid it at all, take zumba and play video fight games.

Now if you are comparing someone that does fighting sports three times a week for five years to someone that takes one month Pure Krav Maga in some ways you are comparing apples to oranges but in other you are not.

I am trying to make it easy for you and compare someone that takes the same time whether 5 days to 5 years.

Then you can close your eyes and think am I going for a guard control for an arm bar, choke, or windpipe or eye or balls or am I going for a distraction kick to center of body, elbow to the face and maybe elbow to the top of the head or knuckle to the temple and neck leverage while rolling as a counter take-down, and then perhaps if my striking were miscalculated and did not produce the desired result due to lack of knowledge in tested pressure points or simultaneous counter push or pull motion by the opponent then will have to control the opponent to exhaustion and then pluck his throat...

Training to control the human body by constantly getting accustomed so a live person attempts to restraint you, punch you or kick you is only one part of the picture.

At the same token, do you train with people that know they have no clue what will happen in a real fight and therefore stick to the sports training methods that were regulated by their local governments?

Many people just enjoy physical challenges. Many people like competitive physical skills against other men. You have all sorts of people.

Those that like it really tough and like to get beaten, knocked out, scratched, little blood dripping, those that do not like to get punched, but like to wrestle, and do not pay attention to the cauliflower ears, and those that like to lift weights and push others with their bodies and arm wrestle, or just intimidate others with their bodies.

You have also those that like to learn without getting scratched. Perhaps a good Krav Maga school should offer both. But again, each school serves for a certain purpose and specializes in a certain crowd. When you need to pay bills, you have a choice, but you need to/or it is good to like what you do as well.

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