Front Hand Punch First?

Hey Boaz, I recently bought your book and DVD set, which I'm working my way through right now.

I've also been watching some other DVDs but that system is much more civilian oriented than yours. Most of its instructions end with retreat and run far away.

Thank you for teaching Krav Maga. Your book has taught me more helpful things than I learned in years of TKD.

I was wondering why you started punching with the front hand? Everyone else in the world punches with the rear hand mostly.

Was the front hand punch part of Krav Maga before you joined or did you add it on your own? Is it just as powerful as a rear hand punch?

The front hand is powerful as the rear hand and is not a normal boxing jab but full weight punch(although some boxers call it full weight Jab). Naturally you get to hit the target at the exact moment you reach the punching range with one lunge.

Otherwise you have to get to the range first and then twist your body. That could be used by your opponent which could punch with his hand closer to you as you move in or even lunge as well, and you will get hit before you twist your body.  Like when you stab with a knife, the front hand is much faster.

The reason why the front hand is the weak hand is because those ways you get the strong leg in the back to push you forward with more force and speed so you get to your destination faster.

Since in any stance or with a start of motion from neutral stance, at least half of your weight is on the back foot, naturally your front foot is not enough to pull your whole body forward and you need the rear foot to do most of the work. So you want your rear leg to be the strong one.

The same applies for the kicking leg. You want your strong leg to be the lunging leg turning into the base foot when you kick with the weak leg.

Lunging and a solid base while kicking is essential with a solid base foot, so your body can concentrate all its muscles delivering the kick force in the direction you want without shifting muscle force to stabilize a weak leg in many directions.

Remember however that if you already find yourself standing with one leg closer to the opponent, in punching range, you need to punch with the closer hand since it is more efficient and faster.

Therefore if you are lunging with the strong leg and kicking with the weak leg in a kicking range and If he slightly backs up to avoid your kick or twisted his hips to avoid getting kicked in his groin you now again punch with the weak hand as you lunge again with the strong leg.

However, this time, you start your lunge where your leg retracted after the kicking to ninety degrees and the base foot is pushing for additional lunge. You deliver your punch before your retracted leg lands on the ground.

You really do not have any time to waste on landing. Leave it for after the mission is accomplished.

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