Mutant Rules of Engagement in Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

Very often Martial Artists attempt to find a training solution to a problem that they create when it comes to self defense. Instead however, the problem that they create poses not a realistic solution but instead a training method solution.

However, forgetting to devise a realistic training method, or being reluctant to do so since it is too dangerous, not only causes to extraction of the lethal elements out of a system, but also to the instillation of bad training drills which repetitively instill bad reaction habits.

For example, in Pure Krav Maga you train to block a knife and counter attack with a punch to the face. If an instructor is demonstrating a continuous attack with a knife, and a defender is not simultaneously blocking and counter attacking, he is not being able to stop the attacker’s train of thought and prevent the continuous attack.

Just marking a counter attack while the training partner is ignoring it and continue with his combination does not prove a thing. To prove that it works you need to increase the force of the counter strike to the point that it breaks the training partner’s train of thought and he ceases to continue with his planned follow up combination.

I do not believe anyone can defend the third attack better than he can defend the 1st, since the element of surprise is lost. Perhaps the attacker gets tired, but a good attacker will continue and will follow you to any direction you go.

Let’s say an instructor’s demo of continuous attack combinations had his training partner doing a first grader 360 without even attempting to counter while retreating. So it was not as he was trying to defend himself but just trying to see what the attacker is trying to demonstrate...

Instead, if the defender would have blocked the first one with a simultaneous counter attack it would have broken the attacker's train of thought.

The wrong conclusion would be the assumption that since we cannot train like this, we should resort to Jujitsu's training methods. However, you can be certain this would definitely not work against a combination knife attack.

You really have no time to think not even to pray and never move back. If you do, you get the second stab. If you move in and counter attack you break your opponent's train of thought!

Can you get stabbed? Sure you can. But the key is in the first motion. If you get stabbed in the third trial you have been doing something wrong all along.

Is it good to wrestle with your training knife yielding training partner during knife sparring? It can happen in training where you do not wish to injure your training partner.  But to keep the training realistically, you need to go over your last training scenario and see if there was a better way to attack and a better way to defend. 

If you managed to control your opponent’s knife yielding hand it was only thanks to the sufficient distraction you have created with your counter striking hand. Perhaps blocking hard enough will give you a sufficient distraction as well. However blocking a wrist of a knife stabbing hand, requires more speed and you have less time to prepare for a forceful block.

Sometimes the attacker is not committed in his first few attacks, and or the defender is moving back keeping safe distance. So it happens the first real engagement is not on the first attempt to slash or stab. In that case you should still execute a combination of simultaneous defense and offence if he is moving into the hotzone. Otherwise you are likely to lose your only chance against a skilled or naturally intuitive attacker. If however he is playing with his hands out of the hotzone, you might be able to execute a kick, or wait until he gets into the hotzone.

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