Why Pure Krav Maga!

Lack of proper communication is the main reasoning for non uniformity in Martial Arts Methods and Training Styles.

Also leaders and followers appear to be two separate groups of people with a habit of righteous preaching, and followers that look for anyone calling and presenting themselves as expert based on some variety of logic.

The bottom line people are used to look for a shop that sells something or an institution that teaches something. Over time you have people that open a shop and learn to trade with goods and you have schools that hire people that teach something.

The saying there is a market to everything perhaps is telling you that people are always trying to keep busy.

While during a few split second fight it seems that all your senses come together to tackle a life or death outcome, people spend hours and years trying to hone their survival skills.

You have people that have quite substantial survival rating in hand-to-hand combat, that many times do not wish to share and teach their skills and many time lack the proper communication skills to teach it to others.

Then you have people that attempt to teach the subject but have insufficient skills and understanding to the subject.

Some come from generations of sports or stand up martial arts background and some think they can pick up the subject and teach it like a military drill sergeant.

You have rank of various instructors that keep their rank by intimidating their students always using the element of surprise knowingly or not knowingly, and can’t seem to figure out or do not want to even think teaching their students the tactics they are using to retain them.

What is the best way then to teach people unarmed combat when so many styles and methods exist and in the same type of styles you have many instructors that do not share the same uniformity of opinions?

Nothing wrong in excelling in a sport but self defense should be well rounded skills and not in winning sports competitions, but in awareness through understanding the limits both you and your opponent may have through lecture and training and using them to your favor when you can.[Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder]

Pure Krav Maga has all the techniques and the Tactics that the other Martial Arts have in their most efficient combination of form and prioritization geared for Self Defense Training under the constraint of reaction time. To be able to completely understand this statement you can read the book Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon!

The Pure Krav Maga Training Model:
Through prioritization and under the constraint of reaction time, the human option is not endless but limited and yet complex.

The Instructor’s job is to train students to prevail in hand-to-hand confrontations. This is done efficiently and no doubt must be done effectively.

A set of training techniques which are simulated hypothetical scenarios of offence and defense with favorable resolution are used for the beginning of the training process.

They teach the correct sequential execution of variety offense and defense tactics that provide the foundation of human fighting efficiency.

Then they needed to be attempted to be applied in sparring. Then students need to forget these techniques when they fight for a very simple reason.

Since the techniques were drilled in a limited amount of scenarios, it is difficult to think about the same scenarios practiced and try to at the same time fit a technique to an unknown scenario.

Instead the various elements of the techniques and the principles behind them will surface and guide your defensive and offensive actions.

Prediction of attack: Although starting stances and type of hold of weapons provide one most efficient way to reach their target, in the shortest amount of time, the time where the defender is using to finish and control the fight, you need to pay attention to how the opponent’s attack is directed to you.

Basically in plains words, as you practiced defense vs. circular attacks and defense vs. straight attack, there could be circular attacks that are going linear. So the defensive method would be against the type of motion that reaches you.

Other factors for example, use of kicks in the long range and knife in the short range, or sticks in the long range and knife in the short range could change the basic tactical covering of the closing of the gap and controlling the opponent.

One thing for sure, one way to hone your unarmed combat skills is to use knife training wisely since they have to increase your timing and speed of alertness and reaction.

There is much less effort and much more possibilities with a sharp blade. Obviously, a trained hand-to-hand fighter should not fall in his skills using his bare hands only.

Pure Krav Maga breaks teaches the most efficient methods of offence and defense intensively. It breaks down all the complex elements of the essence of hand-to-hand fighting. Not only it answers any question, fear and qualm you may have, it also satisfies your logic and the confidence of your soul. This sets us apart from all the rest of wannabe Krav Maga Instructors!

In other words. While many instructors are sure of themselves, the idea in Pure Krav Maga is to make sure the student is sure of himself. This should be you!

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