Front Groin Kick Instruction /Boaz Aviram

On the Left Picture, Immi Sde-Or, the First Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga Chief Instructor demonstrates a Front Kick to the Groin.

On the Right, Boaz Aviram, the 3rd in Lineage Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga Chief Instructor, Demonstrates the theoretically most efficient Front Kick to the Groin possible on a Medicine ball. 

Click to see how it is done in action on a punching bag: Front Kick with Follow Up Combination Video Clip!

Although it is hard to track the exact looks at each split of a split second of the front kick, you can still follow the principles which are the essence of H2H. 

When you learn Front Kick, you need to learn when, meaning in what starting body positioning and range from a threatening opponent you can use a front kick and when you should not.

You also learn how to measure the gap to be closed with your eyes, how to most efficiently close the gap, how to most efficiently generate force to devastate the pressure point your are hitting.

You also learn what part of your foot you should you use to kick and what pressure point you should kick. How to maintain balance during the kick which helps to drive maximum force to the desired direction, and how to maintain balance after the kick which helps to avoid distraction as you calculate your next move. 

You also need to learn what is the desired effect on the pressure point if kicked properly. This gives you a good idea what to expect immediately after and narrow your planning options in the following second. 

Remember this! You close your eyes, relax and think of nothing, and then open them and in a blink of a sight you have do determine a split second action. 

You cannot plan on more than one action in a split second. Your body should be programmed in a chain reaction with thinking stops for further calculations if the threat was not resolved in the first split second.

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