What Martial Art is Superior for Self Defense?/ by Boaz Aviram

If you take the various martial arts athletes with the same amount of time training and perhaps same weight and height ask yourself who will win a street confrontation. Well the one that is more efficient in his strategy techniques principles and thought.

Some fighting sports athletes have better perception of reality than others, although both appeared to have the same type of training. Many people had street fights prior to learning a martial art.

As an artist your natural inclination is to attempt to apply your art. Once you realize you need to win and what you trying to apply does not work, you try something that might work. Better to try it in training however, as a split second confrontation might end someone’s life.

Striking a pressure point is more efficient in the striking range. Poking is more efficient in the poking range, and tearing and gouging as well. Kicking is more efficient in the kicking range. Inflicting pain by breaking a finger is more efficient than leveraging an armbar. Strategically if you train on one range more than another do not assume that you can close the gap with a free ticket. 

You might get away with a feint but not against an efficiently trained opponent. A feint takes extra split second where you are attacking the air to lead an inexperienced and untrained attacker to a trap. 

The trap is responding to an angle he thinks you are attacking from while you are actually attacking from a different angle. But if he deflect the feint and counter attacks at the same time, your continuing line of action is finished. 

The fact that he counter- attacks at the same time also breaks your line of thought. This all happens in the split second when you are in the hot zone. 

It does not really matter who initiated the close of the hot zone. What matter is who is being more efficient when it happens, and that depends on figuring the body positioning before that and a plan of action.  However once you sense a threat it is best to eliminate it before it escalates and time alone puts you in more danger every split second that passes.

Once you are in the hot zone without an efficient plan, you can only count on your opponent’s mistakes, and that is not a good way to plan your action.

Boxing strike is more efficient than karate strike, but karate kick is more efficient in the longer rage especially to the knees. However boxing movement is more efficient than karate movement.

Boxing body movement is more efficient than Aikido movement. Can you always move back and forth and to the sides in a tight space? Another factor is expectations in training and expectations in reality. 

What do you expect your opponent might do and are you aware of his all the possibilities he has at any given moment, and do you have a plan how to overcome the unknown.

Of course the mind set = decisiveness to end the fight as soon as possible or even immediately by not holding back and waiting too long or not attempting to do something that you cannot do has a crucial effect as well.

In Pure Krav Maga the strategy to teach self defense is to have an overall strategy to teach you all the aspects and scenarios in less than one week. The key is teaching efficient body motion in standing, sitting and lying and efficient transition between them, efficient handling of pressure points by means of efficient kicking impacts, striking impacts, gouging, tearing, leveraging and breaking, efficient tactical solutions, and efficient choosing of course of actions.

Efficient learning and committed experienced instructors to achieve the goal of learning self defense in under one week is the key.

When people say fight with no rules in reality that should tell you that sparring have rules of safety. While in fighting sports and sports martial arts these drills are stretched to the limits, the goal of the fighter is to end the fight under the constraints of specific rules without considering all the human weapon possibilities. Not needing to understand that would limit the athlete’s options and chances.

Still few athletes in each fighting sports are subconsciously aware of or aware of on the conscience level but do not share it with everyone in their schools about such efficiency, and therefore they win the sports fights.

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