From a Front Jab to a Drop Punch / Boaz Aviram

The logic in doing boxing drills at the beginning of the Israel Defense Forces Krav Maga, was to strengthen the force of the strikes to stop 
opponents in Hand to Hand Fighting Scenarios and to get the idea of tactical navigation around a resisting opponent.

Of course extensive boxing training enhances fitness, hand eye coordination and agility which can contribute greatly for on the spot recognition of attack and ability to strike in motion. However, over time the curriculum was distilled through the training steps and cross achieving of objectives.

The objective of teaching hand strikes became teaching maximum efficiency and effectiveness in usage of hands to strike and counter strike considering other elements of the human body.

The overall picture synchronized between training time, range of attack and defense, and methods of attack and defense including pressure points, strikes and kicks, and gouge and tear techniques, and specific and overall tactical approach.

Therefore, when you teach Pure Krav Maga Straight hand strikes, front hand and the cross hand, you teach maximum efficiency in reach and momentum considering your overall tactical approach for defenses and attack.

Back in the 1980's as Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Chief, I've changed the teaching of the Krav Maga modified jab into a full momentum drop punch which today is not overused in boxing tactics. The jab is a boxing tactical concept that simply does not fit the tactics of Pure Krav Maga it also became a colloquial terminology for the front hand punch.

How do you explain the change from the First Israeli Defense Forces picture of front hand strike to the strikes taught in the 1980's is simply put, Imrich Lichtenfeld's principles were applied all the way through the matrix and distilled!

From a tactical point, using the drop punch utilizes the maximum capabilities of the front hand's direct attack!  So why settle for any lesser technique for the purpose of teaching offense and defense?
Demo video of Pure Krav Maga Hand Strikes

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