Principles Drive Training in Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

Pure Krav Maga has only two principles! The first principle is "None". The second principle is (second to non):  
In programming oneself in hand-to-hand-combat skills the one principle of Pure Krav Maga is combining navigation of 360 Impact drills and push & pull drills to control pressure points under the constraint of reaction time at their break even points of maximum efficiency! [BOAZ AVIRAM]
In Pure Krav Maga, the concept of training is to concentrate on finishing a fight in few split seconds.

In fighting sports, prolonging the fight is necessary to prevent severe injury. Pain and damage is given in small amounts to test the opponent’s intake until his body surrenders. This is done by not most efficient methods of attack, protective gear that muffles punching, limitation of how to hit and where to hit.

While the fighting sports method is traditionally used in Martial Arts to promote sparing as you really do not want to get hurt badly in training, unfortunately it does not promote quick finishing of the fight.

Training to recognize and being able how to finish the fight in few split seconds is not a simple task, but more of a complex one. The advantage of it is as soon as you finish the fight you are not subject to any danger from that opponent and you can deal with other dangers that other opponents may pose.

The Pure Krav Maga trainee adopts training equipment for his specific needs. You go to a gym and there is a heavy bag, you need to think what to do with it that will benefit your confidence.

Your considerations should be:

-Getting into the hot zone fast.

-Delivering a kick or a strike at the same moment you or your opponent can reach.

-Considering your model opponent’s matrix of physical ability and tactical approach. You may need a short combination if your first attack did not land as you expected ( if it is your fault you need more training in attacking. If it is his luck you need to use a combination or follow up attack).

-In short you need to train in efficient and effective attack methods that are tactically sound.

-Reaction time and efficiency are the driving force in your plan. In fact the principle of same time defense and attack that dictate all Pure Krav Maga techniques is derived from the principles of efficiency and reaction time. It is one of the most efficient tactical considerations to attack at the same time your attacker is initiating his attack.

-Shadow boxing is a drill used to teach balance in motion to facilitate continuous attack. In boxing it teaches also how to keep moving from the safe zone to the hot zone, and over all how to manage the boxing match attacking and staying out of attack range.

-Shadowboxing is also a training drill that is used in Pure Krav Maga to mimic 100 fights. Every time you move forward you act as you are engaging in a fight.

Your defensive motion that is initiated is a natural body reaction that is improved to the most efficient one. From the simple it becomes complex to answer all the possible options and dangers that are manageable by humans in a Hand-to-hand fighting confrontation.

When you train to attack you need to train in few other techniques that are not the most favorable tactical approach of Pure Krav Maga. This is because you need the tools to train with your training partner how to counter attacks from other people that efficiency and safety is not on top of their list. Or perhaps they just traditionally do something without even thinking about it.

Therefore you must consider any efficient combination possible of any fighting art or sport and of course the reaction time.

This does not mean you need to go through many curricula of Fighting Sports and Martial Arts, but rather just enough to set your limits of perception and reaction so you will have a sound way to respond to all possible threats with self confidence knowing you are not going to encounter the unexpected. That process is achieved in Pure Krav Maga in less than five hours.

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