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There are quite few theories of Hand to Hand Fighting Training out there. Historically there were great generals with great theories that won wars.

Not to many warmongering countries are left nowadays and battles appear to be shifting to small scale defense and retaliation after identifying elements of terror.

Needless to say which countries small or large are the big players in the constant daily war on terror. Unfortunately as good as it would be to learn and hone the human body’s killing and defensive skills in many times it is not a lot of time and budget to be wasted.

The days of the H2H for militaries are not over but since the bulk of the war is done with weapons the emphasis on H2H is not that great.

So we have Martial Arts and fighting sports taught in various militaries, to develop courage endurance and mental persistence and at the same time to give the confidence to soldiers they could use their bodies if they had to.

In fact it would have been much better but to show them how to use their bodies first and then apply these principles to the use of weapons of which some modifications would be needed, but the principles should be the same.

After all the reaction time of the human to a threat is what takes the most of time before the trigger is pulled or the button is pushed. The theory that size does matter proved in the military that at times smaller size works better in ballistic penetration.

Instead of thinking which weapon to be used for a task a fighting military unit has all the tools that are being produced to suit most of its need and tasks it performs.

An assault rifle for close combat, few sniper rifles, and Machine gun for cover, few explosive devices, and Anti Tank Missiles etc. Of course there are units that have specialty for needed scenarios, but most of the tools are uniformly developed and engineered to suit efficiency, ease of use, effectiveness and safe for the users. With these tools any person that went through the basic stages of development like crawling, sitting squatting standing and running can win a war.

Of course Highschool attendance could be useful as well for social and communication skills and basic logic that is needed for any prudent thought.

Theories including elements of surprise, or preemptive attack so to speak, of killing with bare hands or small handy objects of sharp and blunt objects, teaching pressure points and giving ideas of how to manipulate them are not new ideas. Martial Arts have been around for years and so did military organizations.

The combination of the old generation and the new generation helps to facilitate base of war experience and readiness. Of course generals attend military schools that prepares them to command the troops.

Lessons from History are learned and basic and advanced training are rehearsed. Martial Arts Instructor and Fighting Sports Coaches have been devising training methods to create winners according to their personal fighting experience gained, and according to the pressure they have to succeed.

A modern military must have a brain data base to think and sort out all the options possible to exist. Good military cannot afford to be unprepared.

Usually in the competitive environment of Sports Coaching and Martial Arts, and as well in the military organizations, secrecy of knowledge is essential. Otherwise if your opponent knows your secrets you might lose the element of surprise.

Gentlemen, in the world we live, there are no more secrets. Everything is sorted out and known. There are just those that never had the opportunity to find them out or sort them out.

In a culture with rich history of trial and error and libraries of knowledge and available advanced communication methods among most people the knowledge is available.

Yet marketing techniques try to reinvent the wheel reaching those that do not see it in front of their faces.

Many brilliant people in all walks of life realized that the basic words of success need to include efficiency, effectiveness (suitable for the purpose) and timeliness. Like everything in life is a function of time!

How do you hone all these elements and apply them to any purpose? Well you need to consider the element of time first. If your time will expire someone else will benefit from your seed.

What about efficiency and effectiveness? Well it is a matter of trial and error. You can try it yourself or acquire the logical tools to judge others past experience and make a prediction. At the end you better find the time and try it yourself to ensure it works.

But why have a starting point of a soldier from 1,000 years ago? Militaries learn from history. Traditions do not necessarily help it. Theoretically if you were present in all the wars from thousand of years ago until nowadays and survived them you will be one of the best warriors.

But really you do not need to blame your less than 100 years lifespan in the lack of perfection. You learn how to read and use your logic and learn from the existing information that was already accumulated for you.

Yes, the knowledge was not always presented in an objective way nor wise conclusions were always made. But the basic logic can be used to test simple to complex things.

The simple methods are self explanatory and the complex should be broken down and simplified and then put back together.

You have Martial Arts that are in the position of physical experience lead to perfection. It makes very much sense. But with the speed of technology and the discoveries about the human brain potential why not train your brain first and then let it control the training of your body.

This is what makes Pure Krav Maga stands out among the crowd.

So the theory to train your body and let your brain learn your physical behavior subconsciously might take too long and through the learning process your brain might miss a lot of essence of fighting.

Imagine that you are doing combat drill which are designed for safety and your brain does not make the connection between the complexity of the drill and which part of it will be very different and how different in reality.

Yes if you had a realistic fight and won your subconscious brain learned something hopefully. Was it by chance that you won? You will need to repeat victory 10 more times and hope that it is your brain that is on the right track and not your 10 opponents that were on the completely wrong track.

Like in anything else in life there are great ideas of theory mentioned above which are timing, efficiency and effectiveness.

However this knowledge never proved to be applied correctly by everyone that attempted it. Nor every thinker was aware of all three of them together trying to apply them all in the correct balance.

Overall the way Pure Krav Maga apply the theory into training is much more direct. You needs result and you need them in no time.

No doubt that there are many brave warriors out there, soldiers and Fighting Sports, or a simple civilian that happed to get a call of duty and defend his life and dear ones.

No doubt that Good Martial Arts movies and schools can display the beauty of complex acrobatics and physical skills to attract the element of astonishment using film tricks or magic trick or real fitness.

Most fighting sports training are done with combination of traditional drills and new ideas. Some of the drills and ideas appear to almost never work in a fight. Some do but not all the times and some do all the times. The problem is that athletes sometimes select either ones until they decide to stick to one or two good ones.

You can see that each athlete gets his own style and the way they fight is not the way they train.

If you look at the generic name of Karate with its many styles you can see traditional Katas of strikes and kicks mixed with Modern or ancient Boxing and shadow boxing. Some methods lie in the theory of breaking armor with open hand and some in having more swift reach.

I am sure that historically whenever someone had the need to train others in unarmed combat quickly the dedication alone might had lead to better results.

This is part of the history of the Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga founder.

Is it learning the most reputable Martial Arts and spending five years in each to get a black belt that will give you enough confidence to defend yourself? Is it mastering only a specific one or any would be a better choice?

These are the decisions that normally Martial Artists are faced with during their career when they suddenly understand that they do not know enough comparing to the time they spend in training.

Why not think of it and make your decision before you even start? The market wants your money, but you better of be the one who decides how to spend your money.

Remember more important money is time and time is time and it is your time… The names and statements and promises to deliver are always words. You better have a sound judgment before your time is up.

Pure Krav Maga is a systematic training method of less than 150 techniques or drills where existing drills were evaluated modified or devised that can be learned in five days of six hours a day.

Each of these moves or drills have about 10 points of emphasis which total 1,500 points of emphasis. Instead of choosing a larger amount of motions to memorize or amounts of combinations you memorize or possible scenarios in sum, Pure Krav Maga just sticks to the most efficient methods of attack from each angle and the border of reach using each limb and each method of closing the gap such as running, jumping, lunging, sliding combined with strikes kicks and the ability to reach in the most efficient way, i.e number of steps or lunges with combination of kicks and hand strikes giving the student a good self defense starting point.

Once the student see the whole picture he gains better control to see his limits and plan or control or trust the training drills. You want to understand how to acquire good striking and kicking habits good timely defenses, good timely escape from grappling etc.

Then you already know what you are doing. But if we take someone that spends years of doing just arms or just legs or just motion perhaps he would be more fluid in what he is doing, but without seeing the whole picture he would not have a clue where he is open to attack.

So overall the possibilities of both methods are great, but from a control point of view for the long run five years each Martial Art could be a big chunk of gamble with your time.

Nothing wrong in excelling in a sport but self defense should be well rounded skills and not in winning sports competitions, but in awareness through understanding the limits both you and your opponent may have through lecture and training and using them to your favor when you can.

Pure Krav Maga has all the techniques and the Tactics that the other Martial Arts have in their most efficient combination of form and prioritization geared for Self Defense Training under the constraint of reaction time. 

To be able to completely understand this statement you can read the book. 
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