Denouncing the Concept of Beginner to Advanced/Boaz Aviram

In sports martial arts, and Civilian Krav Maga, you have categorization such as beginners and advanced, you have also weight classes and you usually pair up a class with the same level of students.

I totally avoid using the concept of beginner or advanced in Pure Krav Maga. This is because Self Defense training teaches you to face an unknown attacker - another human that has predictable range and limits of motion.

At the same time your sparring is not geared to succeed by Knocking out or getting your opponent to tap out. Instead it is geared toward being comfortable with handling violent confrontation successfully and getting the know-how to by specialized training drills.

These drills include learning sequential execution of techniques, and practicing strikes and kicks on punching mitts and or punching mitts. In addition they teach you to reach and manipulate pressure points.

If you are not familiar and have sufficient training how are you going to have the confidence to handle a self defense scenario? Are you going to tell your attacker excuse me but we have not reached kicks yet, or have not reached knife yet? Can you tell your opponent it is not fair because he is too big?

Well if you are not taking intensive course, but forced to take little by little, you better understand that you just started but did not complete your training course.

In addition I hope the comprehensive principles you have learned through the few techniques and scenarios from your first few lessons, gave you enough understanding how to behave and react and try to prevail with what you have.

This is one of the reasons I prefer intensive seminars or long sessions of three hour each. You need to learn enough to connect the dots and see the whole picture. You first need to learn your opponent maximum capabilities possible.

Then you learn to prioritize and limit your training to the constraint of reaction time. Once you get that you are on the right track. And it is a short track comparing to the Martial Arts learning track.

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