Reality Training vs. Theatrical Production Participation

Seems like there are millions of individuals that claim they teach Krav Maga out there. If you go on utube, many videos are out there. Many are similar to talk shows where small talk of simple advice combined with a dramatic demonstration of their messages.

But really you should ask yourself am I earning anything? Do these people have anything new to teach me?

Truth is that Krav Maga was not in the dictionary 30 years ago, but now became the magic word of every bullied child, every savior dreamer, and every distressed unemployed. 

Perhaps finally it occurred to people that there might be a simple and fast way to take care of these moments of uncomfortable insecurity that seeps in…

Many frustrated Martial Art Instructors that already obtained few black belts in other arts and spent at least four years on obtaining each, decided to do their own research and just adopt the name Krav Maga.  

Of course they are no better than the novice that does research on utube starting with a blank slate.  The mentality of spending four years of learning nothing but that you have to be constantly fit many time possess its practitioners...

Krav Maga in the Elevator, Krav Maga in the Bedroom, Krav Maga in the street, the park, the corner, on the airplane, on the bus, in the car… Krav Maga on a motorbike maybe?

You see how armies build urban warfare training buildings to hone their soldiers’ familiarity with how to move and respond to urban surprise, war games that are entertaining and drive training.

But the bottom line it the individual skills that will determine survival, not the group training and motivation for fitness.

The war could last long time, but at the individual level each fight last a few seconds. It seems like the time decreases as the distance decreases and then it could slightly increase when you are too close to generate enough force for the deadly kill. 

From a distance, time might pass until you reach your target or your attacker will reach you, and from the close range, time might pass before you are able to get into a position that you deliver the deadly blow.

Even in military, the bottom line is the basic skills that can be achieved in the old fashioned shooting range. Efficiency is of the essence. To be ahead of the game means to be able to see first, respond first, so the more efficient you are you just have more time to do it.

I conclude then that while awareness games in different theatrical setting is not a bad idea at all, but never at the expense of honing of the basic skills.

Therefore, to see a great theater production where the basic skills of sequential execution that contribute to efficiency-the ability to deliver the kill shot on time, amounts to a week load of garbage bags in the street corner.

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