Efficincy from Inception - Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

The difference between boxing and Pure Krav Maga strikes is in the way they are taught. There are few other martial arts that their striking techniques may look similar, however I think that through a general comparison to boxing, you will get enough information to understand the various differences. 

Pure Krav Maga Straight hand Strikes are taught quickly and the emphasis is on learning how to use maximum range and maximum acceleration and weight shift at the time of contact.

This contributes to exact understanding of a KO when needed. Of course in reality you may not do it exactly as you were taught and it might work fine but you need to understand that to maximize your potential.

The other major difference is the pause. Instead of coming back to the center after each punch or what you call a standing position, you stop after each strike with your body. Your hand still retracts but your body stays forward and from there you assess the direction to continue.

That helps to ensure complete weight shift with contact without being in a rush to reverse the weight shift backwards to execute a follow up strike. In addition it prevents idle time. If you punch and missed, now you move back to the center, and now the opponent is punching you. Instead you missed and stopped and now you think: “what is his next option according to how he is positioned now,“ and you continue according to that without blindly moving back idling to the center.

One more important concept when it comes to straight punching is that the range will be greater than boxing. This because you assume his capability to attack you so you want to ensure you attack at the exact moment you enter the hot zone and not enter the hot zone and then wait and attack.

Follow up attacks after the initial strike take advantage of the distraction of the first one.

So in your positioning you are not trying to absorb punches because you do not want distraction!

In a modern military where computer programming controls the essence of communication and ballistic missiles, one cannot afford relying on a Hand to hand combat instructor that does not have the ability to command a complete understanding and programming skills of the Human fighting capabilities and how to program it quickly. 

Traditionally fighting sports take many months to prepare an athlete, and the idea of conditioning the body to withstand the impact of blows gives you the time to put it all together was in place. 

However, if you want a human to operate as a weapon when needed, you need to condition it to a speedy program like that ballistic missile. Instead think that the enemy’s body has two launching pads (the feet) and can strike you with many parts of the body.

You need to program your body to identify and deal with the most imminent threat first. Read the book Krav Maga – Use Your Body as a Weapon and you will get the idea of how the hack your opponent dangerous mind and how to use your body to stop it.

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