Techniques or Complete Training System.../Boaz Aviram

If you are in a state of self defense, your fight should last few split seconds if possible. If you do not control your opponent in that amount of time you might be subjecting yourself to the mercy of a vicious opponent. 

While boxing striking methods are much quicker than traditional karate striking methods and have greater range of reach, when you teach defense vs. a jab or a cross you are just teaching one aspect of a possible confrontation. 

While almost always there is more than one option, you choose the best tactical options you could encounter in any possible scenario. However just the deflection and counter attack practice is just one piece of the puzzle. 

Remember you need to consider all the starting and continue possibilities using legs, arms, sharp or blunt objects, and even gun point from a reasonable range with some sort of hesitation before the decision to kill you(if you cannot react before the trigger is squeezed you are dead). 

So really when you say you teach defense vs. punching or kicking you are just teaching how to impact (what speed force and angle and timing) the attacker’s leg of wrist. That is only one piece of the puzzle of the possibilities of unarmed combat.

When you are learning how to escape from a hold or a choke the same ideas discussed above apply. At the end of your training you need to realistically prevail in drills that simulate an able attacker that is familiar with all the possibilities to prevail in Hand to Hand confrontation. We concentrate on entry and exit into the hot zone where the reaction time plays the leading role. 

We prefer once entering the hot zone to never let our opponent leave. However if he was not committed in his first attack and opened up the gap, we might be dragged to a prolonged challenge. We need to concentrate our training on identifying the range and intention and capacity of our possible opponent so we are not dragged to put ourselves in unnecessary danger.

If you cannot put the whole puzzle together before you get into a precarious scenario, then hope Mother Nature and luck will be on your side, but I would not count on it…

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