The Ultimate Curriculum for Your Safetey! Pure Krav Maga/Boaz Aviram

Kung Fu Training are designed to strengthen the body using breathing training in variety of motion to orchestrate total muscle tension and resistance to all directions. That total resistance combines the whole body into one mass to help the impact of strikes.

If you watch Kung Fu movies, I am sure you will enjoy something like the drama, the athletic performance, the subtle humor. These movies meant to entertain. In addition the average person would be astonished from the performance and think he might be able to fight like this for self defense.

Of course that Hollywood Kung Fu is modified to allow continuous game with no injuries to the actors. These actors or their doubles if any, happen to be trained in real Kung Fu.

If you are the average individual and have thoughts that this is a fighting method useful for self defense, or a helpful training method for fitness, resilience and self defense, then perhaps you should try it.

But if you are also impressed with sports martial arts like boxing and wrestling or competitive karate then your mind should start working.

Techniques are out there, competitions are out there, various methods of generating force for impact with pressure points exist and there are theories behind them. What is good for self defense and what is not? Well separate show, safety in training or acting, from reality. It is not simple but in fact very complex.

This is what Pure Krav Maga is able to simplify. All Pure Krav Maga is a name for a training system geared for real self defense.

Boxing is a training system to condition a boxer in the ring. Wrestling is a training system designed to train wrestlers to spar in the ring as well.

That does not mean that boxing and wrestling and Kung Fu cannot be used for self defense. In any martial art you have some sort of physical conditioning and techniques. It is the individual student that needs to connect the dots and figure out what to do in a realistic self defense scenario. Pure Krav Maga is geared with helping to program your mind to full awareness of that and intensively train you in all aspects of it!

Pure Krav Maga simplifies the training methods geared to quickest possible build of self defense proof capabilities. Its curriculum is designed to prioritize your safety and not the instructor's pocket!  Pure Krav Maga bridges the gap in training methods and realistic self defense scenarios. 

If your mind is telling you which fighting sport should I choose to also enhance my self defense capabilities, then in Pure Krav Maga the choice is whatever is more suitable for self defense against all the human harm capabilities.  These are learned in the fastest way and you gain analytical skills to see for yourself.  If you do not take this route, your confidence is false!

It uses modern learning and training program to fit intelligent humans.  It uses training aids like a real college text book and a training dvd set to help retain and maximize your intensive learning at your own pace and need for repetition.  It is comprehensive to the last detail of the human combat capacity programming.

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