Learning from The Source Think Box / Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder

Learning from The Source Think Box:

Learning What?

New Name for New way of Thinking!

There is nothing even Close to it Ever Before.

It has a promising reputation!

It is successful to attract followers.

What is Lineage?

Lineage is people that learned and demonstrated their knowledge first-hand!

Break of Lineage changes the game. The name does not have the same meaning!

Break in the lineage means that something was copied not one hundred percent correctly along the lines and there is no guarantee that is even resembles the original!

The possible problems with lineage are:
One problem could be problem that could be is that the successor did not complete his training and learned the whole system.

Another problem could be the mental, physical and communication limitations of those in the lineage and their unwillingness to communicate.

When there is a breakage in the lineage there could be another problem where people may think that they can reinvent the wheel with the limited knowledge that they have and retain the reputation. But obviously it will never be the same…

If the lineage is broken then, you never get one hundred percent of the original.

Krav Maga lineage does not mean who you associate with, or who you were born to. It means who did you learned from, what evidence do you have to support that you completed the training intended, and what experience did you have utilizing it.

Krav Maga started in the Israeli Defense Forces.  The first Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga Chief Instructor was Imrich Lichtenfeld known as Immi Sde-Or!  The second Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga Chief Instructor was Eli Avikzar.  The third Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga Chief Instructor is Boaz Aviram.  Then there was a break in the Lineage!!!

Krav Maga was modified for Civilian Use! It was never intended by the founder for it to be the same! There are certain things that men would not discuss around their wives and children!

There are many sucessors in the Civilian Krav Maga community! However, there is cross training for very few of them. None with the same extent of experience sufficient to understand and willingness to share the core principles of Krav Maga!

If you want to know that what you know is true, and Krav Maga is what you want – Learn Pure Krav Maga!

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