Pure Krav Maga Maintentance or Advanced Training / Boaz Aviram

Pure Krav Maga Curriculum has there major advantages:
1- Short span to fit into humans other survival daily activities.  

2- It Instills awareness and skills of  the most efficient and effective possibilities to physically harm humans in a close confrontation.

3- It Instills the best tactical methods to prevail in these scenarios.

However, if you ask yourself what is the next level...  Should I take boxing, Jujitsu, Fencing, Kung Fu to keep my physical fitness training with focus on self defense?

You could, but its not the best way:
All the other fighting sports and martial arts spend quite large amount of time in fitness that makes the stamina and body used to contact impact and force and obviously through that makes your mind ready for physical endurance and ready to receive pain.

Endless sparring that teach you only how to inflict and receive pain. Without that comprehensive tactical insight you get in learning Pure Krav Maga, your sparring will never improve unless you have a magical subconscious, and you are a genius in H2H, or you happened to get some good advice from someone that knows something.

Yet, when the Pure Krav Maga courses are geared for the average human, and not necessarily for the aspiring athlete, you have students with different drive and different physical training experiences. They are not going to be at the same level in understanding, having past experience to compare their new material learned and digest it. So if you would like to perfect your skills you should instill a training environment of your own.

That will include a strive to include your long term students to the same level of ability to demonstrate quickly their mastery of the principles and techniques through sparring, drills and discussions. You need to see what is in their bodies and what is in their minds.

Since you are teaching Pure Krav Maga, as an instructor you should be the one that is devising the drills, seeking the objectives and monitoring the results and learning the lessons and interpreting it to your students.  

You are encouraged to observe other fighting sports and martial arts activities. They have been there for years.  You can see how they conduct their classes and keep people busy for hours of training. You can ask yourself what parts of the drills, training and methods of keeping interest, and desire to progress should I learn from.

However keep in mind that they all need to be modified for your purpose. They need to be geared toward keeping the elements and principles of the constraint of reaction time,  efficiency, sequential execution, understanding pressure points, awareness, prioritization and use of judgment.

Finally you want to ensure that your slow to progress students will reach your mental level and physical level of knowing in a split second how to finish the confrontation and being able to do so.

That means that you turn your head and see an image standing in a threatening manner, or lunging at you in a threatening speed, or you suddenly feel a pull of your neck from behind, or you feel any sort of takedown from the back to include a possibility of throat cutting attempt and able to react on time.

Of course you can hone your awareness instincts before moving to a new environment assessing all the possible threats and keeping in mind the time that will pass between your being able to respond according to yours senses. 

So you have a group of students, it is your job that through repetitive drills, they are able to respond appropriately in each range and end the fight.

The drills will be modified to perfect the elements of generation of impact force, reaction time, tactical defense, and sufficient temporary control to mimic a KO or kill. Do not miss any element, and do not substitute any element, otherwise you are watering down the most effective self defense system out there...

To simplify this. you start with simple drills during the teaching of the techniques, you assign roles of attacker and defender, and then you authorize each participant to be the attacker, the auto pilot defender, and the safety in training manager.

If you want to compare the process to fighting sports, you in fact labor to bring each one of your students to the level of the champions in their prime split second when they KO their opponent, from the inception of the threat without taking any pain en route. 

You keep correcting your students' mistakes to prevent them from accumulating bad habits.  You need to break down each sparring fight and correct it as it happens for all students. In a way you are doing the engineering for each one of your students. The training method which is the model is there. Now your job is to tailor it to each student.

You are always welcome to hop in and take part training with your students so you will not be left far behind with your vision and ability.

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Jovan Wong said...

Another Genius article by Boaz. Boaz's books, dvds and of course his blog posts, had changed my perception, the way i thought about Krav Maga (Obviously in a good way). We used to spend hours on just doing the techniques, some are complicated and then more time on fitness and sparring. After reading Boaz's book and watching his dvds, i realized that all the trainings that we had conducted are no better than the ones taught at MMA, or is just a watered-down Krav Maga system.
Boaz has changed my life. Although i did not personally meet him or train with him before, the knowledge that he has instilled in the Book and his dvd should be in the mind of every Krav Maga practitioner. I have dedicated myself to teach students here in Japan only Pure Krav Maga because this is the most effective and the only Self Defence System that really works. "Krav Maga Use Your Body As A Weapon" is "The Bible of Krav Maga" for me.
(Due to budget constraints, i couldn't attend the course but am saving up the cash to join the 5 days instructor course =), it's my dream and ultimate goal for my Krav Maga journey )