“Caught in the Wrong Range” / Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder

Caught in the wrong range is my definition for the wrong range of training. Think of it as a SWAT team doing training in clearing Igloo Camp and trying to apply it into Urban Warfare. As that might not be such a bad idea though, when it comes to Self Defense Training Drills, each range has its most efficient options. 

An opponent can run toward you or walk quickly or start from few steps away, or run to get close to you and then start walking and then stop and lunge.

You only need to be concerned with the distance that he can lunge at you. He could run and lunge as well, but again, once he reaches a lunging distance then you need to move, unless you see someone running as a threat and you decide to run away knowing you have a good chance to escape and you are not leaving anyone for harm’s way.

What is the Kicking or Striking range exactly? Is it the distance between your body to his foot or fist, or the tip of his elbow, and some other contact points such as hand, shoulder shin knee, etc., less three Inches average of penetration which is also the aiming distance to create a desirable impact passing the skin and perhaps breaking cartilage or creating an impact on the bones such as skull to deliver a chain reaction of brain fluid and other bodily fluids including blood to create localized pressure affecting nerves and damaging vital organs?

You are in the right direction, but this is not the complete definition, and having a thorough definition might just help you to save your life.  If you take the outlook point of view of how can it help you to save your life, you will define it from a timing point of view!

Then for example a Kicking range is the most efficient possible way that someone can advance to that range where his foot will create a three inch penetrating impact on your body to mostly the centered area(since a straight line from his waist to your body is the most efficient reach). This is also depending on his method of lunging or motion that promotes that kick.

If he moves just a few inches closer, it becomes a Punching Range. If he gets one foot closer than the punching range, then it becomes a grappling range where at its borders, circular strikes including elbows and knees could be applied if your opponent stopped in hesitation or distraction from a prior strike. In that range your opponent could manipulate your body if he grabbed it or not with his body mass and arms and legs trying to hurt it causing your body to fall on its head, or with actual wringing motion to your neck or articles. That motion could be applied to your cartilage tissue like the windpipe and testicles as well.

How should your training drills be structured then to ensure proper reaction to timely stop your opponent’s capacity?

If you remember the simple demonstration of reaction time concept of Pure Krav Maga, you know that there is a physical capacity of reach and harm to your pressure points and perhaps distraction of your mind as well, and there is one more important element.

This element is the time that takes your brain to read what is about to happen, and make the correct decision to execute one move to neutralize the threat.

Then the element of sequential execution comes into play. The best way to start a body motion to facilitate a deflection, block, execute a kick, or a punch or a circular strike in the most efficient and tactical proof way.

Therefore, to drill “In Range” and not “Out of Range” would be in fact, to start your attack at the split second you reached that range if you are the attacker, and start your defense in the split second your attacker reached that range, if you are the defender. 

Any extra strikes or kicks while both of you are in the same range could only be used if one is stalling in distraction. But any additional blocks would not be effective if attacks are efficient! So why waste your time and not apply it more efficiently?

Excuses such as we are just teaching the basics to develop basic skills perhaps are good to babies that learn how to crawl. 

If you take a human that can take a complex order of moving his body and arms upon command or upon a threat and can understand what is the contact point or impact point, and training him to press the desired floor on the elevator buttons, one thousand times, you should really be in the elevator business. Lack of proper communication? Language barriers, cultural barriers? It seems like in business terms, the West had learned the haggling methods of the Middle Eastern Markets!

Some of the Fighting Sports or Martial Arts that turned their drilling element into friendly competitions, narrowed down on using only one range for safety reasons. 

In Pure Krav Maga we find other ways to promote safety, but never compromise on the training range!  

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