Krav Maga Kopy Cat /by Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder

There are quite a few Pure Krav Maga Techniques not really intended to use in self defense in the Israeli Defense Force Krav Maga Curriculum, but rather to use for building counters for training purposes.  How can you practice static techniques, drills and sparing against someone that is trained in another fighting sport or another martial art? You have to teach some critical techniques, tactics, and drill them and then spar against them.   

This is the general idea about programming the mind of the Krav Maga Student to be equipped with warfare software!

When I see someone making a comment "Thiz iz not goot fur zelf difenze, it iz tooooo comlpikated," I am thinking to myself, if you have a problem communicating why, then you might have a problem teaching someone self defense!

Copying techniques and selling them is plagiarism!  It is definitely not owning and teaching students how to own Pure Krav Maga!

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