Unlike Most Instructionals

Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery
Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery
DVD ~ Boaz Aviram
Price: $94.10
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Unlike Most Instructionals
By Amazon Customeron February 13, 2013

If you scroll through the reviews posted here you'll get a thorough overview of the material as well as each reviewer's opinion. I will not go into depth on the material but will point out just a few things that I think make this material exceptional.

First, you will see an expert with absolute mastery of the material teach, essentially, a raw beginner. At first this turned me off to the DVD set but I quickly grew to appreciate how much more I learned by watching someone learn this material while making all kinds of beginner mistakes, live and unscripted. 

She will make every mistake you can think of and you will see Boaz correct her, sometimes over and over again until she gets it. That means any mistake you are likely to make you will see corrected and thoroughly explained. I cannot think of another instructional that offers this paradigm.

Second, the material is full of immediately useful self defense concepts and tactical tips. Pay attention, and you will learn more about the realities of personal combatives than you would from years of traditional martial arts training. There are very few world class instructors offering this level of immediately useful and usable material.

Third, there is an enormous amount of material covered here. He has condensed all the material from a full, 21 hour instructor certification course in to 7.5 hours. That is an enormous amount of material, particularly when the instructor is an absolute master of the material.

I have studied martial arts for 30 years, and have run the gammutt from traditional to modern to sportive to military styles. There is something to enjoy about each type but if you are interested in defending yourself, first and foremost, you can't do much better than learning this material. 

But there is the rub: To learn this, you must drill it, again and again and again. You won't develop skill from this or any other instructional by simply watching it. Mastery doesn't come through osmosis.

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