Learn a Complete Krav Maga System in Five Days! / Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder

Immi diluted his civilian Krav Maga to differentiate from Israel Defense Force(IDF) Krav Maga. Instead of 3 week course which included other fitness activity and lesson evaluations, and the basic twenty one core curriculum hours plus additional hours for rehearsal that curriculum was spread over four to five years. Parts got lost over time, and parts were never taught. When you got your brown belt to black you started to spar. Sparring amounted to exchange of blows.

Basically the idea about Krav Maga was originally counter techniques against all the other Martial Arts and Fighting Sports. But then I've changed the definition to the most efficient approach in everything. 

That enables you to look for the initial stance of your opponent and evaluate his possibilities. You choose the option which would be the fastest for him, and if he does not choose that option, he has less of a chance to do anything else. You of course choose the most efficient counter attack you can from your position.  The evaluation is critical in the time he is getting close to the hot zone.

My idea in the five day course is to teach the most efficient method of striking, kicking, elbowing, few other strikes, and then defenses, then enough grappling techniques and drills that will get you familiar with prioritizing what to do first and how to manipulate a pressure points in close grappling scenarios. 

Then same applies to use of a knife, stick and tactical defenses. And finally pistol threats and defenses. Since you learn the IDF intensive training steps, you bring your body quickly to execute attacks, defenses, escapes and counter attacks very efficiently. 

The techniques are broken to parts, and put back together, not only for the sake of memorization of combinations of motions, but more important because you need to train your body to move in the most efficient sequence: i.e. what part of the body pulls what part in a chain reaction and when to stop and identify the next line of action. 

That strives to make you efficient in every split second, and you gain a great advantage over a possible opponent and learn to maintain the element of surprise until the last split second possible.

Then the sparring drills are done to have you apply the principles you've learned to the unexpected without really caring because you only expect the most efficient move from your future attacker, and if he chooses not to, you counter with the most efficient counter attack which might come to him before he even reached you. That is the logic behind Krav Maga.

So as you learn the intensive training steps you also learn how to instruct a novice in all aspects of H2H. You learn enough techniques to learn strategy and prioritization, and understanding of all the aspects involved in hand to hand fighting so you extract solid principles to use when you are in a confrontation.

Through the course you learn to pay attention to safety in training by paying attention collectively and how to supervise as an instructor to control your movement not to hurt anyone near you. 

Yet, you learn how to keep your motion in maximum speed and deliver maximum weight to build a momentum to the direction of your attacks. You lean to control your strikes by extending your arm just a few parts of an inch before your target, while keeping the option to extend it and penetrate or pass the pressure point aimed to, few inches maintaining the speed and weight shift all the way through.

You learn when exactly to start your deflective defenses and the rationale behind it. You learn how to rollover and break falls, throws, and takedowns, restraining armlocks and headlocks and chokes. Then you learn methods of knife and stick attacks and defenses methods of pistol and assault rifle threats and defenses.

You learn how to respond to threats arming yourself with handy object or anything that can be used as a weapon, and with bare hands only.

The course is very methodical and very intense indeed. You are learning every minute of it and training your body in good habits of reaction to threats to end them fast in few split seconds and return the calm before fear will have you generate a mistake that could cost you your life.

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