Pure Krav Maga - How Its Done in Five Days!

From the inception you learn to pay attention to how important is sequential execution. Then it is being reinforced all the way through. Starting with linear or circular one direction motions to more complex ones, you spend first about an hour to gear your mind to what tasks you are going to confront and how you are going to confront them. 

Then you break down the mechanics of a hand strike and put it back together. You train your body in the sequence of motions to generate maximum impact force (you already know exactly how, where and when exactly it is going to land. 

The clock is ticking; you only spend 2/6 hours of the training day. Instead of teaching you the rest of the hand strikes and elbows they can wait for tomorrow. I want you to learn how to kick some basic kicks not. Another hour is spent on the mechanics of only front and side kick. It is like building an overall structure to your brain how to use the whole body. 

You learn that while kicking in Pure Krav Maga is like boxing (your body works with your feet to keep them in balance with one foot on the ground, hand strikes are not. You are much closer in that range and need to pay attention to first how to generate maximum force on the first impact, and second where to send the next if your opponent made you miss it. You definitely do not want to punch and move back to the center. 

That idling time could be used by your opponent to come back at you. If it happens in training for the first time it is a good learning experience, but why make a habit of it and learn each time you spar and perhaps lose once more? When you get some experience you might think that your arms are almost long as your legs, and there is not much difference in the reach. 

Well, when you kick your torso and head are away for balance, and when you punch your head and torso are behind at least the length of your arm and shoulder. Also it is easier to attack with the legs from below to the center body and with the arm to attack to the head up to the center body. 

You are gaining perception by now of where is the not zone and how to enter it with minimum exposure keeping the element of surprise(it is all based on efficient mechanics of striking to maximum distance with proper lunging keeping the element of surprise on your side.) OK you learned how to generate impact force. 

Extract the principles and move on. Lets deal with blocks now. OK block a slap first: apply your middle of forearm slightly more than 90 degree angle on the opponent’s wrist. Why? In less than 90 your arm is weak to take the impact and you might get hit with enough force to distract you. 

Then when you are distracted there is a chance you will get killed. Why not much more than 90? The attacker strike will slide off to other parts of your body. OK! Increase the speed now learn how to focus your vision so you are not missing the optimal field of vision so you do not miss a punch. Increase the speed of the drill and move around to try and distract your opponent. 

He has to follow keeping focus. Now what if he throws a direct punch and your arms are to the sides of your body. Inside deflection is preferable when you are going to block it instinctively. Why move in circles when your opponent is moving in a straight line? Now what if your arms were crossed over your chest before you noticed him? 

Execute outside defense then for the same reason. What if he throws a straight punch while your arms were crossed over your chest? Outside defense! What if he throws a hook between your forearms? Inside defense. OK, you are getting it. 

There is few more drills to learn how to prioritize and only make one move instead of trying the myriad of options. What if he throws a jab? You lock it. What if he throws a cross? You do not block it! Why? Because you should have responded to his jabbing ability and countered when he crossed the line into the hotzone! 

That is his problem that he skipped it not yours. You look for his front hand, limit its reach and counter. He might have managed to throw a cross half way by your fist should be on his chin already (you can always move your head a way a little). 

 Now what if he knows what you are going to do and try to set up a trap. He fakes a jab or anything like that. No means no! His front shoulder( the jabbing hand) is entering the hotzone first and your plan to meet him in the invisible border of the hot zone – the border of your territory! If he brings anything else in the back seat it should have not time to enter. 

You simply learn to move in and follow up to the end. This is how your program yourself. But these programming for sparring are small potatoes when it comes to self defense. See what happens when a blade comes into the picture. When are you going to apply a defense to his other hand? Very simple! Only when he enters the hotzone with that hand in front.

OK, you did some drilling, met your training partners wrist with the middle of your forearm, (outer or inner) and also with your palm from the side. Why not punch him back with your palm? This is great frustrating technique but requires timing and with the direct impact it does not help a simultaneous counter attack in its max. 

Again you try to maintain the element of surprise and work with it. When it is finished you then need lots of fitness, conditioning, resilience to blows and a fair fight opponent whatever that means. This is the split second time you work with. You use awareness before the confrontation, and logical reaction at the critical moment.

Now let’s do kick defenses. OK, you have the time to block the foot or the air if it is a fake kick. Immediately after you will get punched unless your opponent/training partner is sleepy. 

Then you block but what now, basically re position yourself to block a follow up hand strikes and counter attack. Only five tactical approaches to block all kicks with your hands and one with your foot. 

Not hard to remember! After the initial impact counter attack is uniformed, but if you want to change the crust on the cake, do it on your own time. I almost forgot to tell you that he might try to grapple with you. Well if he skipped your timing for a kick, a hand strike, etc and got a hold of you it means you did not move on time. 

Sure he was faster, but you were too slow to react or to compensate with your reaction knowing he is too fast! Not to worry, you can apply a strike, tears to soft cartilage testicles, eyes bite, etc. 

There is always a reach to the pelvis area or head and neck area. What if he is wearing a protective space suit? Hopefully it would slow him down all the way through. If not and if you did not wear yours, you might be out of luck! We are dealing with H2H not moon walk! So now you learn how to fall roll, and rid of someone that sits on top of you, grab you in headlocks on the ground put all his weight on your pelvis or your chest, or just wrap his hands around your throat or his arms around your neck. 

Perhaps he is just trying to kick you or punch you. Could be a knife stab too. But think of it, he must have came long way keeping the knife in his hand while sitting on top of you… Before you do all that you learn how to stop a grappling attempt meaning escape the first grip with either a blow on time or with rolling with the flow, increasing the speed and skeet shooting of his balls, plucking of his throat or just using leverage! 

There will be an impact when you reach the ground and you rather get him under that influence of painful distraction so you can recuperate faster and reach the punch line pressure point. 

You now learn some joint manipulation. It is like taking a straw and bending it from side to side and in half at different joints. The finger is the easiest to break, the wrist is easy to manipulate and the arm is good to control the body with less injury. 

Do you really want to do this? In certain scenarios this might be all you can reach. In others someone might try to do it to you. You need to completely understand what is about to happen and at what point you need to be out of there, otherwise you are one foot in the grave. 

Go on with all the rest of the kicks for another hour or two. You already learned to use your thinking tools which command your body. You already understand what you are trying to accomplish in one hour and how to have your brain programmed by the instructor and command your body to one complex task after the other. 

Elbow punches then each one can generate devastating force if done correctly. Well what is correctly? If it keeps the element of surprise and applies maximum impact then it is right! It is catch 22. Oh forgot to tell you that why leverage the arms or finger if you can do it to the head… 

It is like rolling a basketball on your finger. OK lest spar and apply all the principles we learned. Look for the intangible limits of the hotzone, see who is coming in.. The hotzone is more than just a border, it can chance a bit to give you more time to compensate for greater speed of approach. But it is a good indication of when to cross the line – Simple when he does! 

Now you use your intelligence to see what your opponent is bringing with him to the impact! You did something wrong? Not to worry the instructor will correct you and remind you. If you do not remember he might have you practice a blocking or attack drill and then move back into sparring. It is like changing diapers on a baby without the smell! Blade works stick works, pistol work and we are done. Piece of cake!

Then you can always use the training aides as a reference. The system is completely documented and so is its methods of instruction!  You see an actual hands on novice going live through the intensive training. 

You see all the difficulties possible for retention how her body fights her brain, and how the brain wins. When her brain fights her body, the instructor is programming the brain through the body.
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