Self Defense Equals Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram, Founder

When you think about self defense, you think about confronting another human that is trying to surprise you using his general empirical gut experience of how to surprise unsuspecting individual and control them with fear of harm and manipulating their pressure points. 

Many attackers are willing intentionally or out of fear to go further and kill their victims because they are afraid to get caught and pay for their attack. So considering that, you need to work on your awareness skills in the environment to detect threats. 

You also need to to hone your skills of controlling another human using their weak pressure point, and improving your strikes and kicks impact. It is crucial that you learn the element of reaction time thoroughly which will call for the right timing of defense and counter attack before it is too late. 

Finally, a good way to handle your safety is to be familiar with all the possibilities that another human can attack you, and devise general principles of prioritized chain of reaction and chain of defense that will make your life easy in training and in correct reaction in the critical moments you may need them. In Pure Krav Maga you never react to an opponent' s endless options, but to the most efficient ones. 

All you need is to identify a danger of reach to your pressure points, with a probable intention, and then if you have the time, you create more distance, and try to verbally stop the attacker from getting too close to you to the point your reaction time will not be sufficient. 

If you do not have enough time to safely get out of a confrontation with talk, then you need to react according to the most efficient method possible for your attacker from the distance, angle and front he is attacking you as he enters to hot zone ( zone where punches and kicks and grappling could be exchanged). 

If he choose anything less efficient, it does not matter, as your counter attack reached him first while your deflection of his attempt strike or kick drew a blank line in the air.

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