Combinations - Pure Krav Maga Efficiency Throughout /Boaz Aviram, Founder

In every fighting sport or Martial Art there is a section called combination attack. Some styles Kata is designed to fight one or more opponent that do not just stand there and fall after the first strike. In boxing, the idea in a combination is to his what is available to inflict pain and nerve pain distraction, to facilitate hitting a more vital point for the purpose of KO to the head or liver. 

In Muay Thai, and Kyokushin Karate, kicks to the legs provide that painful distraction facilitating reach to a blow or kick to the head. 

In Pure Krav Maga the teaching of the very little number of sets of combination is very calculated and frugal. It must stand a test to fit the intricate matrix of principles which include economy of motion, tactical consideration, and prioritization. 

Economy of motion deals with not projecting the attack and generating maximum force possible for the range yet keeping the element of surprise. 

Tactical consideration deals with analysis of all the counter options the opponent has, and prioritization deals with choosing the most suitable line of training and action. So while it is possible that attacker and defender would get in and out of the engagement front (the hot zone) many times and this will require immense physical stamina, the core principle of Pure Krav Maga is that such a possibility is not logical in a Hand to hand fighting scenario. 

The idea is to analyze the possible fight completely, look for all the loop holes in the other human opponent ability of reaction time and action in any distance with all the angles and possibilities of impact or push and pull forces, including all attempts to feint, and then neutralize them before they materialize. 

Second you constantly move in not letting your opponent buy time since you want him neutralize to avoid first losing the element of surprise, second having to use too much resources which will be depleted and slow down your reaction, and get you prone to deadly mistakes. 

Considering another human is using both arms and legs and core body or head and torso for push and pull or impact to inflict injury upon you, you basically design drills to work on the initial impact or push and pull engagement with your opponent's pressure point or actual body leading to effect his nerves. 

Once you bought your time, your mind is already geared from prior lessons and from information you got few seconds before the engagement from your environment, how to handle the finishing moves. 

In the video below, there is a drill of changing in the longer to shorter range as the opponent might shadowbox to use the range to his advantage using the hot zone border line to protect himself. But he would need to get in to the hotzone to hurt you and so would you need to get in to the hot zone to hurt him. Linear straight front hand or leg kicks and punches provide for the most efficient first impact! Anything else comes after you buy the distraction time by baffling the nerves with the force of impact. 

A traditional cross hand or cross leg second kick is just to simplify the drill. In reality you might choose an elbow or a knee.
Front Kicking & Punching Combination Drill Video Clip
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