Advantages and Disadvantages in enhancing Self Defense Skills with Fighting Sports Training/Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder

Taking Wrestling Boxing or any other Fighting Sport to Supplement Pure Krav Maga has a two face consequences. Limits of achieving victory drive to greater athletic performance! Also doing another sport enhances athletic performance. 

Often athletes train in also other sports for this purpose at the recommendation of their coach. When it comes to Dance, Arts and Drama, you might see a move from one dance flowing into another. 

Question is do you see non ballet dancers going on their tip toes often? Maybe they perform few steps on the back of their heel rather. Boxers also lift weights, jump rope and jog long distance to develop endurance. 

Other sports complement each     other by developing coordination agility and endurance in a fun competitive frame. However you never see a boxer jumping rope in the ring during a fight. 

You never see pure wrestling punch in a wrestling match. You never see Olympic bobsled athletes do ballet during a competition. 

The point is that since Fighting Sports including Mixed Martial Arts which are varieties of combinations of boxing kick boxing grappling, wrestling, Jujitsu, with a combination of the rules of each sport may look similar to Pure Krav Maga, this could be confusing and again you do not want to get into a habit of using any of these fighting sports for self defense. 

The reason is, that you cannot blame someone for doing something that was successful, but at the same time if you are a responsible self defense trainer, you want to instill the best habits in your students and prepare them to handle anything possible. 

The easy way to control the endless possibilities of attack is to look for the most efficient ones and prepare students for one unique and generic tactical response to each range and nature of attack.

While this approach definitely handles the most efficient form of attack with defensive tactic coupled with a simultaneous counter attack - surely if you can handle the attack in the least reaction time scenarios, your counter attack will land way before the attack arrive if it is less efficient! 

In Conclusion I say Take It as long as you understand the Pure Krav Maga Principles and mastered them. If you are still having trouble you will only get confused!

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