The Pure Krav Maga Curriculum is an Excellent Quality Control Tool / Boaz Aviram, Founder

While complex systems are easier to digest with photos diagrams, graphs, and flow charts, the Pure Krav Maga Schedule of Curriculum is an excellent tool in extracting the essence of Krav Maga for comparative purposes. Comparing items on this chart to any other self defense training system demonstrates maximum efficiency. 

While efficiency might be perceived as a general term for saving in time, motion, and efforts, the punch line is in fact that it is the best tool to save life! It is not so much about pinching resources, but rather the most valuable asset one has which is time. Saving on the training time, coupled with a destruction of potential opponents in no time, increase your chances to survive dramatically. After all, when you get rid of your opponent, you get rid of the danger!

How do you look at list of topics covered during the training time and conclude whether or not it is the most efficient training system? First of all most universities in the US decided that it is good to have a well rounded curriculum and force students that are interested in science for example to take art, and vice versa. 

It is also known that taking another sport helps to complement your favorite sport. While very discipline lingers to another, the forces of the universe have a little bit of all. But the bottom line is learning how to use everything to your purpose.

The first thing you notice about the Pure Krav Maga Curriculum is that it is spread over five days with six hours a day of Intensive training.
No other complete system does that! The second thing you notice about the Pure Krav Maga Curriculum is that it allots very specific time for each topic, from an hour to few hours at the most.

The third thing that you notice about the Pure Krav Maga Curriculum is that the order of the material learned is logical from a learning form, learning the essence to getting experience working with it.

If you think for a second that strikes and kicks are grouped because you want to get rid of a certain form of fighting before you get to the next, you are totally wrong. It is not about teaching boxing, karate, judo and aikido….

While you might get advice for comparative purposes what the other common forms of martial arts approach is during the respective lesson, the Pure Krav Maga Curriculum order is based on Motivation.

You need to be motivated to put all your senses into these intensive classes. You need to constantly be aware that you are learning self defense, and you need to see that during the whole five days seminar. Most of all, you need to realistically immediately get an insight of how it is done, and maintain it throughout the five day seminar.

While it is shorter to list groups of techniques on the schedule of curriculum, you need to look beyond that. In reality warm up would be short preparation to prevent injuries during training. Introduction would be, telling you a short story why you should be happy you are in that course. Who developed it, what experience and conclusions they had, how can it help you to defend yourself, and why…

Then reaction time and pressure points would tell you how vulnerable you are, where, and when. Also it would tell you where not, and when not and where more and where less.

Follows with strikes and kicks would teach you how to generate force to strike those pressure points for the purpose you learned in the introduction and under the constraint of time you learned in the reaction time section. You had already got an idea how to hurt the pressure points as you learned them, but few more hours are dedicated to the complex motions of generating impact force with your arms and legs. 

At this point you are aware and already gained experience in how to hurt those pressure points and how to hurt them before you get hurt. Then the rest of the course is dealing with various ranges, scenarios, last resort scenarios, and how to do it with using extension to your arm of edge and blunt object. Finally, you learn how to utilize your knowledge and apply it against gun threats.

From experience I change the order of this curriculum a little at times. Since you have students of intensive seminars, at times you need to consider their stomachs are full after lunchtime and choose a less taxing lesson on their digestion immediately in the next few hours after lunch. But since you come back and align the curriculum within the next day, their brains can still fully digest the material with the same motivation.

Why not take small crumbs of this curriculum and give it to you with colored belts and ice cream sparkles? Why not mix these components like a puzzle and have you try and put it together yourself over five to ten years? We do not do this because we believe that your motivation would change with it.

Instead of gearing yourself to protect yourself, you would be gearing yourself to achieve the top of nothingness!

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