Fine Tuning a Demo/Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder

Often you will find a joker in class or a serious challenger. Whether the purpose is to prove an assumption the students have that nothing works in reality or an ego match, the problem is that it is challenging your position as an instructor. 

Moreover it is a problem of challenging what you teach. Finally it is challenging not only your authority but more important the confidence students will have using what they learned when done in front of them.

The uniqueness of Pure Krav Maga is its intensive training - The claim that five days of training outweigh realistic combat skills you may acquire elsewhere over five years…

While Karate Jujitsu and other Martial Arts Great Masters resorted to solving these problems in a way of hurting the students physically a little more than the usual (if they suspect such a rebellious action as oppose to the normal stand up submissive student and master relationship), it still remains a question for outsiders that do not endure the pain. 

After all we deal with a training method that supposed to resolve realistic threat scenarios. If we are talking about sports Martial Arts, then surely the instructor was cheating as he used too much force by surprise on his student…

Besides the problem of losing respect that might prompt an instructor to respond harshly to a possible humiliation from a student in front of a class, if he hurts the student badly he is perceived as too cruel. 

That student might leave, leaving the rest of the class in constant respect out of fear. This practice was part of the customs for generation of civilian martial arts schools and also military hand-to hand combat training.
Personally I have no respect for such practice as it results from complete ignorance and misunderstanding what a hand-to-hand fighting system is!

The essence of the problem is in years of martial arts practice that the training system was geared more toward safe persuasion of students, than safe practice of withstanding the harsh reality. 

Lack of communication due to lack of sufficient understanding and ability to break down the unseen components of reaction time and sequential execution of techniques, and the logical sequence in attacks and counter attacks combinations, had contributed to this problem.

That said, meaning in reality, when you break someone’s neck, if you try to execute a hip throw after, you are wasting your time, and you have no respect to the dead. If your training system is one that teaches as such, you are subjecting yourself to a subtle ridicule!

We are already aware of that in reality impact on soft pressure points, and hard and fast impact on hard pressure points have immediate debilitating effect.

When done properly without projection so our opponent would not have sufficient time to counter it causing it to have a reduced effect, there is no point to use the hundreds of ways to throw someone to the mat. 

If we throw someone to the pavement ensuring to smash their heads on the ground we may kill them.  But our students already know how to breakfall and if we demonstrate throws we should give our students the opportunity to land safely. However, this is  not  our preferred method of creating impact in the Chain of defense, which is the most efficient options we have as we close the gap with our training partners or opponents.

In Pure Krav Maga while we spar, we use  reduced penetration shock.  This is done with a kick or a hand strike executed with maximum speed and force but not penetrating the target to a point where damage could occur.

If the first strike was not sufficient, we can continue and use its distraction and execute another one that is slightly greater in penetration and effect. 

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