Instructor/School/Student General Evaluation Guidelines/Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder

In evaluating a potential Instructor we must take into considerations the following laundry list of ten key elements:

Does he take the students from a-z to teach them the essence of fighting?

1. Generating efficient Impact with Kicks and Strikes without projection?

2. Considering the Reaction Time through teaching it and teaching efficiency

3. Does he understand the sequential effect of each move and the opponent tactical options left on the table?

4. Does he use atemi and leverage on soft pressure points as required by Imrich's Lichtenfeld's principles while in grappling scenarios? Do strikes and kicks and defenses follow Imrich's principles of generating efficient sufficient force without projection? Do defenses take into account all the tactical follow up options an opponent may have?

Does it look like Krav Maga Techniques to the last detail including the sequence in which they are being executed to demonstrate authenticity and true qualification that it will work all the time? Does he generally introduce the topic with connection talk, follow up with a sufficient persuasive demonstration of material to be learnt, then drilling students in kata or dry sequence of techniques and then in motion and with training partners or hitting targets or both?

5. Does he have a curriculum prioritizing the essence of fighting i.e. teaching Pressure Points first, followed with reaction time, generating Impact, blocks, escapes, proper efficient use of weapons and proper efficient with correct sequential execution of defenses?

6. Does he have sufficient drilling to take the student to a level where he can apply them intuitively.

7. Does he use proper safety in training? Sufficient warm up, maintaining control of the class according to the students' level, and paying attention that there is enough space between students and they do not fall on top of each other or trip during drilling?

8. Is the quality control of the school/instructor sufficient by having a program that incorporates supervision and control on students completing their training in all aspects of essence of fighting?

9. Do instructors qualify to teach others to complete the program? Do Instructors qualify to teach others the program intensively?

Do Instructors possess qualifications to teach the instructor course without letting the system disintegrate in future generations?

10. Does the Instructor have a reliable and committed personality? Does he have a reliable and verifiable certifications and recommendations or is he self made out of nowhere with mostly secretive unknown past?

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