Learn to Navigate, Generate Impact Force, and how to Use Your Time Wisely/Boaz Aviram, Founder

This schedule is posted below for the ease of memorizing and controlling the training time of the Pure Krav Maga Five Day Program.

But it is more important of what you teach in it and how you teach it to get the maximum learning out of it. 

Instead of the three emphasis point for each techniques used in Civilian Krav I have twenty-one emphasis points on each technique (just an estimate). And I have different drills to make it easier to control...

"The idea in the syllabus is not teaching static techniques but how to navigate, generate impact, and how to use (the last few split seconds you might have to live) your time wisely."

"So really there is nothing to it-but if the student thinks he is learning techniques than he is learning nothing!"

I admit that the curriculum I teach provides a simplistic broad approach to self defense and the best basis for development of understanding reality based training but at the same time it is more to the point and hands on training than any other martial arts with the same amount of training time.

What that means is that if you take a look at all the amount energy that most martial arts and fighting sports use to train and win competitions, and compare it to the time used in this curriculum you see two thing: First, the remarkable efficiency of this curriculum.

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