Outlet Stance / Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder

Outlet Stance, Combat Stance, Fighting Stance, Standing Position are all the same concept. This stance is like a compass. You cannot do without it. You need them to learn how to move North, South, East and West. 

You need them to learn the differences in delivering a front leg or front hand blow or a cross leg or cross hand blow. But really when you are delivering a kick or a blow you are not standing!

Your body is simply not in standing position anymore. If you lunge to deliver a front hand strike or a front leg kick the split second you move, you are not in a fighting stance anymore. 

Why even start a fight by standing in a threatening stance projecting your intentions and killing the element of surprise? You really should not!  Remember the more you stand, the more you get hit, unless you are out of the hot zone. 

So why act a Broadway performance even out of the hotzone? For most fighting sports, it is simply a convenient habit. But it also gives your opponent an idea how to commence his defensive or offensive tactics while not in the hot zone as of yet. 

What if you try to feint and change stances before you enter the hot zone?  Well if you are on the border of the virtual fence called the hotzone and starting to dance you are giving your opponent a chance to enter your hot zone while you are busy in your performance and attack you by surprise. 

While your arms might be flailing to various directions and your legs are crisscrossing, your opponent is moving in and might catch you as your front leg or arm is moving backward away from a position to execute a timely defensive or offensive tactic.

Again standing position is something you cannot do without when you teach students how to control their bodies and navigate in the art of H2H.  However the sooner students realize that in reality you never stand in a fighting stance, but only passing through them in a split second, the better they will perform.

In addition they should also never return to these stances although the idea that they present a safe home does sound plausible to many coaches of fighting sports and probably most of non sports martial arts.

Once you throw a jab or a cross your legs no longer in the same stance where your weight is evenly distributed. Once you throw that kick, you are no longer on a two leg stance but only one leg stance and your balance is dependent on the way your kicking leg and torso are moving in opposite directions to balance each other keeping your center of gravity above the base leg...
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