Defensive Tactics vs. Knife / Boaz Aviram

For all these people that still look at a knife technique and are still thinking it will work, maybe it will work, and maybe there are so many ways and techniques to answer the same scenario?
Before I start, let me make one thing clear. Krav Maga does not teach butchering techniques. These can be applied to dead animals and wounded humans.

The assumption is that the defender is a human using a military type modern bayonet knife or even a good kitchen knife. If you happen to use other sharp objects for offence or defense, use your brain and apply the principles you have learned.

Pure Krav Maga Knife Defense Drills incorporates selected few distilled Original Krav Maga techniques. These tactics and training methods are comprehensive approach for Use of a Knife for Defense and Offence in Combat Scenarios and use of bare hands or kicks against an unknown opponent attacking you with a knife.

In fact in Pure Krav Maga we do not deal with all realistic scenarios, but just the best theoretical and practical scenarios. We use these scenarios to learn the principles of how to respond to any knife attack with a simple formula. Then we drill the proper response with Pure Krav Maga Techniques.

Rather than exploring endless possibilities, the most efficient approach is chosen where an opponent might hold a knife in any possible grip with the front or cross hand or hiding it behind his back. This includes various methods of approach to close and enter the hotzone.

Pure Krav Maga takes the assumption that the first cut is the most critical as it is possibly deadly, and if not, it creates distraction facilitating further injury and lack of quick response for further fighting.

Therefore knife attacks are dealt with up to two to three stabs at a time only exploring the failed first attempt or feinting first attempt and its outcome. Generally the third stab is attempted by students in the attacker role never makes it, and can only be used by the defender as a finishing kill shot.

Since Krav Maga is using the invisible principles of reaction time in its training system, it considers any multiple attacks beyond the first 2-3 stabs as irrelevant and belonging to another scenario.

Pure Krav Maga techniques provide its users the optimal training method of defense. The training method first considers, the type of bio-mechanical motion expected from the way the opponent's body is positioned: Straight-stab, slash, bottom-up, and top-down and then the differentiation of response whether the attacker is holding the knife in his front hand or cross hand. Finally, the direction of the blade and tip of the knife and edges(to the desired pressure points), with the bio-mechanical options of the arms holding it
In addition technical solutions in form of techniques are variant depending which sides of the bodies of both opponents face each other as they get closer to the hotzone.  An additional drill of attacker using his front hand for distraction and simultaneously his rear hand to attack with a knife is counter with prioritization process.

If you try to apply any other techniques against an attacker that is using the most efficient advance and reach of the target realistically you will fail!!!

Pure Krav Maga does not explore what you are doing far out of the hotzone. It is only exploring what is in a split second reach without losing the element of surprise.

The reason is due to the reaction time principle in which the human brains need a split second to plan an action of attack or defense and another few split seconds to execute the maneuver.

Very simple, if you hold a knife on a certain plane, your body can create leverages with its limbs to drive the knife into a poke, cut or slash, or tear in various angles. And if you combine that fact with a straight line from this position which is the fastest way to reach the target, you become more efficient.

If a defender recognizes your initial hold of the knife and body positioning just before you enter the hotzone he can predict how long it is going to take you to complete that most efficient motion. The rest of the move is a race. The attacker is either completing the most efficient motion or stops and redirects the attack.
The defender is racing to reach the wrist in its entry point to the hotzone and counter attack at the same time.  Even if the attacker retracted his wrist backwards or to the sides the defender completed his counter attack while the attacker is still in changing tactics mode. The hotzone is the breakeven point of no return.
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