Pistol Threat Defensive Tactics / Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder

The Formula of the element of surprise explored to its max in Pure Krav Maga facilitated reversal of fortunes in many gun threats in history. Although it takes a split second to pull the trigger, a robber usually asks for his victim at gun point to give him something, to do something or to open something. 

The robber/rapist/serial killer and other is holding his weapon ready to pull the trigger if he feels the victim is threatening his own safety. The victim's state of shock and intense fear and confusion is tremendous at that moment.

However, without even thinking at this point, if the victim has a plan to reverse the fortune efficiently ignoring the discomfort of the Adrenaline release in his body he may as well reverse the fortunes as aside the split second required to pull the trigger, the attacker needs about two seconds to realize his life is in a threat. Same sensations might go in the attacker's body as he realizes that his life is in danger.

It takes about 1.2 seconds to draw a pistol and put three bullets in opponent's body in up to about 10 feet distance after 2 hours of training in Pure Pistol Combat Shooting. When the attacker is closer than that there is not much effort needed in aiming. The action resembles a small child pointing out to his mom which ice cream flavor he wants.

The formula of the reaction time thanks to Immi Sde Or is Time for a small move plus reaction time beats the time for a larger move...In fact efficiency is one of the most important principles of Pure Krav Maga as it maximizes the benefit out of this formula.

While generations of men and women were self taught in use of a gun, those that tried the simple act of hitting their target with a pistol with more practice until succeeded, develop a technique based on their subconscious account of endless trials and errors.

However, in Pure Krav Maga, instead of reinventing the wheel, we drive principles out of the endless techniques of the past taught. The ability to see through the greater picture of hand-to-hand-combat/self-defense and break it down to the smallest manageable segment and work on it to its ultimate efficiency, makes Pure Krav Maga the most efficient training system. So may one walk in peace without spending his whole life in the gym.

Watch the One Hour Video Lesson: Complete Pistol Threat Disarming

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